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Off to Borneo in August. Any golf course recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you mean Sabah, East Malaysia?


Kota Kinabalu? As some fine courses there and infact popping over there this weekend for Chinese New Year.

Yes we're going to KK. Keep a set in HK. Is that where you live?

No Labuan, an island not far from KK so go there quite often. Are you going on holiday there and were will you be staying? Played Sutera Harbour and Nexus Karambunai, will be staying there this weekend. Hope to play Dalit Bay which is not far from Nexus. All very good courses.

We are there late August. Thanks for your help. Was going to take sticks to Bali last year but at the last minute thought I'd prefer to surf etc. Good decision as I thought at US$195 a round a bit too dear.

Just as an aside, my wife and I visited Borneo in September on holiday, including Kota Konabulu and passed a couple of tasty courses on the way to and from the hotel/airport. They were 'off limits' (her words, not mine!) but couldn't help noticing and when I enquired about prices (pure curiosity) was advised it was at least $100- £150 a round for what seemed not a great challenge. When I got back (mentioned it in a newsletter), I heard from another GM member Anthony Kearsley, who lives in Kuching in the south of the Island of Borneo who plays at Hornbill Golf and Jungle Club. Would have fixed up a game when we visited there later in the holiday if I'd known. Look forward to hearing your experiences - we found it an intrigueing country. ED

Just back from my honeymoon in Borneo and played at the Dalit Bay & Country Club while we were staying at the Rasa Ria. Decent enough course and was very reasonable in terms of hiring clubs etc - not sure if this was a preferential rate cos we were staying at the Hotel?The gear was all very new as well - new looking Cobra irons, Driver, woods and bag. Really enjoyed it despite the 33 degrees and 90% humidity! I'd say definitely worth checking the prices before booking.Also, here's a good list of the options available across Sabah - have a great time, it's an incredible place!Sabah courses

Had the weekend in KK and stayed at Nexus Karambunai, great value for money and the bonus is they give me a reduction on the golf for being a member of Labuan GC. Decided to try the Dalit Bay course round the corner and came away a little disappointed as was not in such good condition as Nexus and the price nearly double especially as they would not give me the discount so in future will stick to Nexus. Still a few more courses to try around KK and cannot recommend the place highly enough especially for a holiday be it golf or whatever.

You've all whetted my appetite! Thanks very much!

I stayed at the here a few months ago it is without a doubt one of the most amazing places I've ever been!
It had a stunning course, although I didn't play it, it was one of the reasons I took up golf in the past couple of months, it looked stunning!

If your yet to book / go - please give it some thought, also, upgrade to the premier wing, the balcony bath will ease your end of day tensions!
As an aside, do not climb the mountain and then think you can do anything else, I was basically in agony for 4 days after, golf would have been torture!

The hotel is stunning, the spa is sublime as is the food, and the ourang sanctuary is really something else! If your interested my borneo photos are here

enjoy, it's an amazing country!

Wow, looks amazing. Any pics of golf course to whet the appetite!!!Off to Scotland tomorrow for the week. Praying for good weather!

Unfortunatly not, as I hadn't even picked a club up (ever) when I went to Borneo! Although the clubhouse bar was fantastic and pro shop looked well stocked (as I look back on reflection). All I can say is if the hotel is anything to go by the course will be stunning. If you stay in the premier wing, you are taken by the course to your own check in just past the course, all I can say about the course is it looked fantastic condition, lush greens, manicured fairways etc.... Do a search on trip advisor for the hotel, someone may have added photos of the course?!

More important then the course is your holiday, it'll be fantastic! Ps. The views of the mountain are fantastic, the sulpher springs......some fantastic views of the mountain and area around, but the springs are sh1t! )


Had 8 days in Borneo (now known as Sabah).
Played just the one course by the Shangri La called Dalit Bay. I had a very enjoyable 4 ball with 3 English blokes who I met on the first tee. We were just about the only people mad enough to tee off at 9 a.m. as it got so hot by noon. Wiser to tee off in the afternoon! For the