Celtic Manor - 2010 course

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Celtic Manor - 2010 course

I have been given a voucher entitling me to dinner, bed and breakfast at Celtic Manor which is really great.  Unfortunately, it doesn't include any golf.

We have enquired about playing the 2010 course and they are quoting 140 per person per round in May and possibly more in June, July.  I currently play off 20 and my OH off 24 and we were wondering if we would appreciate the course enough to justify paying what is after all a lot of money?  Or should we look on it as a good experience and something to make watch the Ryder Cup that more interesting?

 Any advice appreciated.

Go on, treat yourself. If the money is only going to sit in the bank anyway, it won't be missed will it. The RC will be much more interesting to watch too. Sorted!

Hi Jimbow, you're absolutely right and in fact had almost talked myself (and OH) into booking it!  Thanks!

Jimbow wrote (see)

Go on, treat yourself. If the money is only going to sit in the bank anyway, it won't be missed will it. The RC will be much more interesting to watch too. Sorted!

I agree with Jimbow as far as this is concerned, on the other hand, the 2010 isn't actually that good or interesting a course.

If you can afford the cash, play off the forward ish tees and enjoy yourself!It's not the world's best course, but you'll enjoy it....

I played the TwentyTen two weeks ago.


In short, it's not worth the money, but it is a good course and it will make the Ryder Cup special. Try to relax and enjoy the occasion, you won't score here unless you play smart.

And for the love of all things sacred club up when you have an approach over water.

Great tips guys and I definitely agree with the 'it will make the Ryder Cup special' comment

I am waiting on a mate to sort the 3 courses out at Celtic Manor. The company he works for has corporate membership, entitling them to 1 four-ball per course per day. I am really hoping he sorts it out prior to the Ryder Cup!

Way hey!  It's booked now; we travel down Saturday 14th August (may play 1 of the other courses) dinner booked for 20.00 Saturday night and 1st tee on 2010 course at 1100 Sunday morning. Cheers!

Bea,I played the 2010 course in the peeing rain over the Easter weekend - it aint so bad ! The way the rain and mist hang around that Usk Valley isn't so pleasant though ! I echo some of the other comments here - the course itself isn't worth £100+ but it IS a great experience. It's set up for risk/reward, so if you play conservatively, you can get around in a decent score.As The Ryder Cup starts on October 1st - does anyone know what's the latest 'Joe Public' can play on the 2010 course ? I'd like to think/hope they close it off in good time so that it's in prime condition come the RC.......

Hi Jerry, Only found out yesterday that the £100+ is now +80!!  As you say. its not worth that sort of money but will enhance our viewing of the RC and be a great experience I'm sure we were told that as 'residents' we could play the 2010 anytime up to and including 26th August but don't hold me to that. 

Oh here's a tip, booking over the phone with a 'residents discount' is more expensive than booking it online at their website. The fees are significantly cheaper very early or in the afternoon too, which wasn't mentioned over the phone.

D'oh! Thanks for the tip TinPot; too late for us but good news for someone else.

Celtic Manor doing a deal at the moment, which is remarkable.http://www.celtic-manor.com/Ryder-Cup-Two-Course-Package.aspx

  • One night’s accommodation for two people in the Resort Hotel
  • Full Welsh breakfast
  • 18 holes of golf on The Twenty Ten course
  • 18 holes of golf on The Roman Road or The Montgomerie course
  • Full use of The Forum Health Club’s luxurious facilities throughout your stay

from between £197 & £212 pp before Sept and up to £299 pp in October. I've just been quoted (and booked) £222 for Fri 13th & Sat 14th August. BARGAIN!!! And to answer Jerry's question from last month, it looks like it closes on 1st September.

Bratty - We might see you there. 

Just a thought; would anyone recommend we walk the course rather than use a buggy or are both just as good?  Cheers!

The 2010 is the most walkable of the 3 courses at Celtic Manor.  Have you all got a 4 ball for next weekend on the 2010??..I might be on for a game if there is a space - I am only 15 mins up the road

Ian - I don't know if they have paired us up with anyone on the Sunday morning but I could call them and find out if there is a space.  Not sure what the green fee would be though - they are charging us £150 pp on the 2010 compared only £18 pp on the Roman Road.  Let me know ok?

It is a bit pricey but the fact that you'll be playing it and then watching the Ryder Cup in October will make it all worthwhile. I'm a huge fan of the Celtic Manor and £18 for the Roman Road is one of the best deals in the UK for a round of golf. I've played it quite a few times and have always been impressed by the condition of the course. Off the back tees it is a serious test of golf with a par of 69.

Thanks Ian; luckily for me I don't get to play off the back tees

Sorry, I ended up in Surrey for the weekend...But was off yesterday and did the £18 deal on the Monty course.  I'd played the front 9 before when it was part of the Wentwood Hills course, was quite suprised how the back 9 fitted in.BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bloomin nora!  Someone get me some new feet!   We walked it and some of the walks between holes are awful.  Anyone going, get a buggy (but they are not allowed on the fairways) so not idea.On the plus side, the course was in good shape and super views too.But - my mate I played with wished I'd taken him back to Newport.  5 hours for a 6000 yard course? - not acceptable. 

Ian, glad you got a game in although I would have warned you if you'd have waited  

Bea, so pleased you guys had a good time of it

Hi Hampshirelass   It's not that far actually and I'm sure there will be buses going past the course from the station even if its not the scheduled shuttle service.I thought the practice day was on the Thursday, same day as the opening ceremony and then 3 days of matches.  I can only find tickets for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday but I guess some of the players will arrive early and practice. 

Plenty of cabs at the station and it's not far to the course from there.  (for practice days)I think its shuttles only during the comp, which is a pain!

Bea - I think there are practice days on Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday (pre-opening ceremony).  Like Hammy, I have tickets for the Wednesday session.

Sorry yes, I found that out when looking for tickets

Bea, check here 

Bea wrote (see)

I'm sure you will have no problems getting from the train station to the course; there will be buses going that way or there is always Shanks's pony?    It's not that far actually and I'm sure there will be buses going past the course from the station even if its not the scheduled shuttle service.

No pedestrian access is allowed. It looks like the shuttle bus will be running on the practice days as well...phew! I can't really afford taxi fares

Bea, win tickets here

Thanks for that Hammy, I have entered my details so fingers crossed!  Good news about the shuttle bus too; makes sense really.