Club Hire at Faro Airport

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Club Hire at Faro Airport
Mate has just got back from the Algarve he says there is a club hire place at the airport - Club Hire they also have places at Malaga and Dublin, this for info only I am not giving a reference you understand.. but it looks like they are bitting back at the airline rip off prices...  He also says that the golf courses are empty, he goes the same time every year and he has never seen deals like what are going at the moment ie. tee off before 0900 and play the Old Course or the two Vale Do Lobo courses 55euros a time thats less than half price..sounds like its name your own price time!! Shame we've just spent 2 & 1/2 grand on a new boiler!!!

45 euros to hire a set is pretty much the price each way on many airlines.... no brainer!

Thanks for the info MTP.  Nice to see that they have a selection of Ladies clubs available.

£50 pounds is a bit steep on sleazyjet. Yes clubs are available at Malaga airport and at sunshine-golf who will deliver to your hotel/apartment. New Taylormade too.

2.5 k ON  A BOILER !!!!!!? JESUS H!

Cannot find the original thread which I posted on, but just used the clubhire place at Malaga for a visiting friend. Excellent service, he got his beloved callaways, even one inch longer, for 55 euros a week. Pick up and drop off very easy and friendly - really good service.

Do they do the drop off service in Portugal?

The company is clubsto hire. See web site for locations.

there is a new rental company in Lisbon and Faro. golf clubs are better qualities and they even have XXIO! I will let you compare the two offers :

I've seen the golf club hire place at Faro airport but never been in there.  I think Sleazyjet is £60 return per set of clubs if I remember correctly so it's not a drastic difference in price if it's 55 Euros for the hire. Personally, I'd much rather (and always do) take my own clubs then hire a set regardless of how new they are.  I always think of the other advantages beyond just your game being better with taking your own clubs in that each of these golf bags you pay for on an airline can be up to 20 kgs in weight. A golf bag in it's flight bag with shoes, loads of balls and everything else you need usually weighs in around 10 - 12 kgs which gives you 8 - 10 kg's of luggage you can put in to the bag. If there's two golfers going, you may actually find that you end up taking one less hold baggage item then you would for week long trips as you can fill the golf bags with items like in my case as I golf holiday with the wife, hairdryers, shoes, towels, toiletries and some clothes etc and then just one hold bag for all of our remaining clothes instead of 2. This in itself would pay for itself over hire. Alternative number 2 is again, if there is two of you on a shorter break, both take small bags and and you'll easily fit two sets into one golf flight bag and still be within weight. Cheaper then hiring two sets again.

Car with a sunroof ? 

Try at www.mycaddymaster.comWith our partnership with Hertz you can rent the clubs and the car together and have a great golfing experience.Our clubs are brand new top of the line from some of the major brands on the market.Check our website at

Less choice and more expensive than another well known supplier at Faro Airport.

Hmmm? A problem that I have got - Toyota Yaris (borrowed for three months) - beginning to wonder whether I will get the golf clubs and two large suitcases into it, even with the rear seat down. Sod it, the missus can sit in one side of the back and I can recline the front seat and lay 'em on that  . . . she won't be happy       Might still have to hire a decent size auto for any long trips.    

MyCaddyMaster have best clubs that the other supplier on Faro Airport.I've used them before and they are top of the line clubs, the team is very professional and they are not that expensive.

hire cars, last one was a 1.0 picante?  holy no power batman As far as clubs go, DHL door to door.. or similar, there are companies that specialise in this, it is the hassle of physically having to lug them around that always bothers me

What clubs did you get Jay and how expensive? 

Hello JonWe get two different sets. A Cleveland 588 MT ( ) and a Callaway X2 Hot ( ). All brand new clubs.We pay around 60€ for 5 days for each set. A lot cheaper than if we had brought our own clubs. And a lot easier.Give it a try!

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