Club Hire from Faro Airport

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Club Hire from Faro Airport

There is a party of 8 of us bound for the ALgarve next spring and for the first time I am seriously looking into club hire.. Cheapest flight, Ryanair, want to charge us £100 for the privilege  of playing with our own clubs, thats silly money.. The hire firm in Faro airport will only charge 60euro for the rental of top notch TM & Callaway clubs so I am seeing that as a real option this time, especially if I can get my putter and Lob W into my suitcase.. BUT!!! is it really a good idea for me to recommend the idea to a party of eight?? Anybody done it yet???

Used the McGinley club rental place in Malaga early this year, and the same group in Edinburgh in September. Painless, good gear, and no lugging clubs around airports. Even had extra length shafts for my mate who is 6'4".

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I´ve been in Faro and they have a new company that rent Clubs. Top of the line Clubs with a realy good price. They have also a partership with hertz, that you can rent the car and the clubs at their website, and then when you arrive, the clubs are already prepared inside of the car!! Realy friendly staf and service. the diferent between clubs to hire and MycaddyMaster is the service and the quality of the clubs. It worth it!!

Never mind golf clubs, how can you get cheap car hire in August? Christ my cars not worth what they want to hire one for 2 weeks. 

If there are 8 of you, have you looked into the option of bulk shipping all 8 sets by someone like DHL direct to the course/resort? Split between the 8 of you, This would be cheaper than ryanair and cheaper than all renting a set...

If there's 8 of you, just rent 4 decent sets and 4 of the cheapest. you'll more than likely be using buggies, so put one set of each on the buggy and both players just use the decent set.

All good here, except the golf! Have gone from 14 to 20 in two years. Lucky if I get to play twice a month now. I got fed up of this site constantly screwing up on my ipad that I just gave in and moved on. at Faro airport, me and the missus had a set each in May, Michel the manager dropped them off at the first course we played and picked them up from our hotel after the 3 rounds for ??71, great company.

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