'Drive the Falls' challenge

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'Drive the Falls' challenge
Is it possible to drive a ball over the Niagara Falls? Have you visited this wonder of the world? And how far can you hit the golf ball?

I once hit it the driver 370 yards, but it was a hard firm fairway so had a fairbit of roll on it. I have only just put the driver back in the bag after it had been in the naughty cupboard for about six months, but managed to hit it 330 on Sunday which was a pleasant surprise. Distance isnt an issue but the accuracy can be

Oh Bob, what have you started??

I think this forum needs a "message zapped by high hanidcapper claiming to drive it miles" filter!!

I have 3 witnesses if you need them!!!!

Was a general remark about a common theme on here .... not aimed at anyone in particular.

As we havent met and I wasnt there, not sure I could comment!

I believe you FerretMyself a good drive is a mere 240 yds but whilst playing on Sunday there was a two ball behind us, both young chaps and long, one of them was regularly hitting the ball over 300 yds, Ive played with our pro who is pretty impressive but these guys were just as far. Mind you they were not so good on their approach shots.Their drives my short game.... if only

Saw John Daly attempt to drive Niagra on his Daly Planet show never made it with lots of attempts.Having GPS I'm sad to report I hit a solid drive around 250 on a flat fairway with no wind, plus the odd down wind lucky bounce drive of about 280. I once hit a massive drive at my club, warm following wind, hard fairway and I hit the perfect spot to get a huge leap forward over a hill, I can't remember the exact distance but it was around 380 yards. 

Not sure what is meant by "driving Niagra Fallls". Is this across?Isit the American Falls or the Horseshoe Falls.?. Anything in the water would go over the falls.  If you will pay my fare and provide me with the ball, I'll have a go.

JD had a go and missed out, if any one could get the ball over the Falls he would be able to. The best I ever hit a drive is about 280-290, Worldham Park GC 10th Par 5.Played Monday best drive hit, well Pants where down and cheeks where showing

I once hit a Drive just short of a 440 yd par 4, but alas it was hard and downhill. Unfortunately water isnt hard or Downhill so i,m not gonna get any good balls out over the falls. What is the carry required?

 Bubba or one of the Finau brothers could possibly do this.I hit it 30 yards past Kev   

I always thought I hit 270ish but after using GPS I hit 250If anyone here wants a good way to check thier averages, go to windows live maps and draw a line between the tee box and the place a good average drive goes and it will return exact ytardages.For example a good drive will see me level with a big oak tree on the 18th of my club, live nmaps makes that 250 exact. Everyone thinks they hit it further than they do....

Ren - where can I find these maps and how do they work ??

Being born and bred Canadian I have visited The Falls on many an occasion (it truly is a wonderfull sight) There is no way on gods earth anyone can hit a golf ball that far given the water content in the air.It would be a bit like trying to hit a 350 yard drive in a thunderstorm, no chance.If I cream one (Rarly) about 300.usually 250 mostly 200 and sometimes 50

Just done the measurement thingy suggested above and on my local course measuring to where most of my tee shots finish:on hole 7 (downhill) 307.69 yards on hole 8 (uphill) 256.41 yards but normally 245on hole 10 (dead flat) 270 yardson hole 13 (tight and slight downhill) 295 yardsthis is actually longer than I thought I hit, also it's with a three wood.

tricky it's google maps but the microsoft version - google "live maps"

I hit one 2.4 miles with a 8 iron last night.

Bit of a hook, bounced on the road and into the back of the passing pick up truck. I ran after the van and it only took 7 minutes 45 seconds to catch it up. The van driver is on the committee of the Olympic Athletic Squad, so he signed me up then and there. I have a meeting in London tomorrow to be issued with my

about 20-25 yards

Just to back up Was That An Eagle - I've been there too and no way could anyone do it except by a freak shot. Incidentally, if you ever go there, apparently the boat trip is the thing to do. We didn't and I've since regretted it.Feeling smug that I got two successive 300 yard drives out of my 1 iron this afternoon (I checked against the distance markers on the course). Even more pleasingly, they were straight. Trouble is that the next shot on one of the holes was wrecked by a foursome on an adjacent fairway whom I christened Foghorn Freddy and His Band of Morons having a loud conversation about the quality of their shots (it wasn't quite 'Mongo hit good shot, Mongo happy' but it wasn't far off). I fear that my golf was interrupting their witty repartee and I topped the next shot a pathetic twenty yards.

Whilst were all bragging about about how many wheatabix we eat a few years ago(1980) on the way back from the Euro championship in Italy we stoped on the top of the Alps and let rip with a few balls .A bit Juvinile I admit and sorry to anyone who if any of my "drives" hit them but I guess it would be my record , a conservative 3 miles!

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