Golf Abroad, To Hire or not to Hire

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Golf Abroad, To Hire or not to Hire

Just returned from a holiday in Tenerife 3 of us played Cota Adeje and Playa las Americas.  Adeje great views, Playa a better course  but Adeje served the best bacon sandwich I have ever had!!   We rented clubs for the first time because Ryanair wanted 50quid each way, renting from Tenerife club hire cost 49euro..  The sets consisted of RBZ 2nd series driver 3 wood and 4 Hybrid  and rocketblade irons and a TM ghost putter. Clubs were great!!  However I missed my gap and lob wedge  and the putter was horrendous, mine is a 33 inch so I can let my arms dangle this one was 36" at least I tried all sorts of grips but nothing stuck I was thinking so much about my hands I putted like a idiot..  The packages we had were club hire, two rounds at each course inc. 2 buggies and lunch for 1000euro total now to my way of thinking  spending 300 quid each  for the golf adding another 100 to be completely happy would be a investment... The discussion after went down the same lines... Next time we take the clubs!!!

I agree M-t-p The one thing that spoilt playing over the winter was that I played a second bag of clubs which I was not used to. Finally adapted after about 20 rounds but now I'm hitting my home set as if I've never seen them before. Proves one thing to me, playing with an unchanged set gives you the best overall consistency and chopping and changing the bag is a big mistake. When I travel in future, I travel with the clubs I play with, otherwise it spoils the game.

IMO, If you're going to play more than a round or two it's worth the aggravation and risk of taking your own clubs along. Playing an unfamiliar course is challenge enough without wondering about your rented sticks. This game is difficult enough already without that kind of "help". The comfort and confidence of playing your own bag greatly enhances the experience. And you don't leave having that  gnawing "what if" thought lingering about how well you might have played had you gamed your own set. Just be sure to get one of those hard travel cases and take out a hefty insurance policy on them at the airport.  

Hello to everybody,I'll go a few days to Algarve next month and while looking for golf courses this website caught my attention ...What do you think? The prices and the golf clubs seem interesting ...

When we took the in-laws to The Algarve, I took my clubs, but we hired them sets from   I was very impressed with the cost (from €35, but think I got them some better sets for €55) and when I picked them up, I mentioned the father-in-law would need stiff shafted driver, rather than regular, and they not only swapped it, but upgraded him to r11 irons free. They also let me swap around the putters to match what they use at home. Very impressed. He loved the irons so much, when he got home, he ordered a set!

Clubstohire are great if you decide to hire. They are in the Arrivals Hall (at Faro) , they will mix up sets and much cheaper than hiring at course...

They don't do Ping yet... hope they do soon. Saves lugging you own stuff

I used Clubstohire before and was not a good experience. The girl who was there did not seem very interested in helping and the clubs and they gave me were dirty. Also I liked the idea of being able to pick up and leave the bag along with the rent car from hertz...