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Just thought i'd share this info if anybody is intending on lugging there clubs to costa del sol to play golf.

I stubled accross a fantastic company who provided me with top of the range clubs (I got ping g5's, Driver/fwoods/irons/Odyssey putter) for 60 euros for 3 rounds of golf.

Bear in mind people like easyjet charge

Thought I'd just bump this.I was out in Spain with the family last week and with the girls taking their full wardrobe (as usual!) I couldn't be bothered lugging my clubs out.I hired a set of Callaways from these guys for 60 euros for 3 days golf. Delivered to my apartment midday Monday and collected from Chapparal after my last round on Thursday.I can't praise them enough, excellent service if you don't want the hassle of taking your own clubs out.

I book my clubs through these days, only 35 euros for the week, brand new, you can upgrade to the lastest sets if you wish for a bit more. Pick them up at Malaga airport and drop them off on the way back, so easy and very cheap

If you go to the link, you can see the range of clubs offered, seems quite a wide range too, but the "better" sets are €55 / week. May have to use them next week for a visiting pal, will report back here if I do use them.  

Are they in Portugal as well?

Just booked a set on line, we'll see how it pans out.

There are a few out there. We used  only 39.50€ per week. They delivered to us at hotel and collected at last golf course. Deliver was free and clubs were Callaway Xseries (Not copies). have 14 destinations (see below), with most shops in or close to the airport. I've used them and found it to be a great service: I used it as a way to test out some new TaylorMade irons, as well as saving on the hassle/cost of shipping over my own set. Nothing better than dropping the clubs off and knowing you don't have to wait ages for them to reappear at the other end.

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Clubs to Hire at Malaga have recently moved right into the heart of the airport. They have an airside counter for you to collect your clubs which is it situated adjacent to the exit doors. After you pick up your luggage just follow the exit signs to their new facility. When returning for your return flight home you just drop off your clubs at the landside counter in the same area. I always get a great deal fom them. The prices, compared that the airlines charge, is a no brainer plus you get to try a wide range of clubs. Highly recommended from my experience.

Also another option that is good is you dont have to lug your clubs with your cases etc from the airport they just deliver the clubs to you or you can pick them up from one of there pick up points along the coast. Good service and very reasonable

Hi there, Had 4 barmy days of rain in Alicante, Spain. But the new clubs supplied by clubs to hire brought out the sunshine.  as Arry said on a previous text, "its a no brainer" Why pay £80 to the irishman? We were met at Alicante airport by Martin & Nigel who were on time even though the plane was late and we were handed our clubs. Fantastic service guys. Will definitely be returning to get revenge on those tight courses.  ClubsToHire

Whether you are exploring your personal town or going halfway around the world, you'll be able to plan your trip and get the most out of the journey with Google effortless to use tools. I just wanna share this, It was a big help on me when finding these clubs in costa del sol, but not only these i have found some great places through these. lonely rider