Golf holiday/tour for single fig handicaps

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Golf holiday/tour for single fig handicaps

Just been made redundant  so now have some time and money to do a "once in a lifetime" golf holiday. Problem is, everyone else I play with is at work! So, does anyone know of any groups/pros/companies who do golf tours. Am looking for one for good players (single figs) not a beginners group to mix some playing and coaching. Location flexible although the US appeals to play some iconic courses over there.

Anyone know of anything? Thanks.

A budget would help with responses as once in a lifeitime might mean 1000quid for a week it might mean 20000 for a fortnight There are vip experience companies, Andrew Coltart does one in Scotland but these services exist everywhere, get you on basically any course, helicopter transfers etc All down to budget

End of discussion. Havent been yet but know folk who have and they go potty about it.

When I was made redundant, I went to Sawgrass for a week. Excellent and not daft price, (talk to YGT or Lotus Supertravel)

Am looking for something that would pair me up with similar standard golfers, rather than just booking it myself. Know anywhere that does this?

I'm off 12. I'll go with you to Augusta if you pay for it.

April's good for me.

Get yourself to Belek, in Turkey , book an all inclusive hotel(which is 99% ) and then play brilliant different courses every day !!

Coco Golf organise golf tours in Thailand, Mrs E and I went with them for Christmas and New Year a few years ago.  The standard of fellow golfer can't be guaranteed but when we went we were part of a group of 8 and handicaps ranged from 5 to 18. We played several rounds of competitive golf and I was fortunate enough to win the overall prize. Prizes were nothing special - I got a golf umbrella and a voucher for £150 against another holiday with Coco Golf. However the experience of playing in Thailand far outweighed the prizes. The people at Coco Golf were great and they looked after us brilliantly. Excellent courses, friendly locals, some of the best food I've ever eaten - overall one of the best holidays I've ever had. have that kind of option you are searching for. They organize golf holiday packages for pro and advanced golfers. So that you can play standard golf in your holiday. Last year I had visited Spain for golf holiday and I had bought their holiday package.