golf in las vegas

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golf in las vegas

anybvody ever golfed in las vegas??

if so what kind of prices is it for a round, courses near the strip etc?

Went to Vegas in the summer and stayed in the Wynn which has what appeared to be a very nice track attached.BUT we were quoted a "special rate" of $375 each against the normal price of $500 per round. Needless to say even at the then $2/£1 that was a non starter.You may need to dig deep!!!!!!!!!!!If your travelling you could play the course at Death Valley which is the lowest golf course in the world! We paid $25 for 9 holes of what they call "Extreme golf" in 50 degrees of heat.

I played a par 3 9 hole course if that counts

If you go out of town, the prices do drop somewhat. Anything near the Strip is usually expensive.Try this site.  You can also visit sites like Golfnow to get discounted tee times.I played at Arroyo Golf Club at Red Canyon earlier this year. Very enjoyable course. You can get a taxi, but renting a car may be a better idea, I think it was approx $40 each way from the Rio Suites.

Las Vegas National is reasonably priced and a good course. We got a taxi out to Tuscany GC, well worth the fare and a very reasonable green fee.

ok lads, cheers, going to have a proper search soonwhat about LA??

Every time I go to Vegas I think - "I'll have a couple of rounds of golf this time" and every time I bottle it due to the heat. I lasted about 15 minutes on the driving range at the Callaway Golf Center a couple of weeks ago and had to give up (It was about 96 degrees). If you *can* handle the heat, the courses look pretty empty in the late afternoon. I flew over Bali Hai; Wynn and a couple of others on the way out and didn't see a soul on any of them.

are there any decent golf shops there, thought I might treat myself to some new irons if the price is right.I am going for new year so hoping, I may be able to get a round in and come back with a bargain.

Hatstand, there is a Blinding Golf shop at Wolf Creek Golf club About 45 mins north of Vegas on the I15 The Course is something else too. Also if you get time, Boulder city Golf course next too the Grand canyon Flights, Helipad has a fantastic shop too! I didn't have enough time to walk round it fully as I only has a hour to kill til we flew to the Canyon!Also Belz Plaza (I think its now called the Vegas outlet centre) has a couple of golf stores too! The Duece bus goes there also!

I've played Royal Links, Painted Desert and Black Mountain. Royal Links was $500 each which was a lot. Dolly birds in delivered to you mid on the tee............etc,etc. $25 for a pitch repairer. If you want glitz, not a bad place to start!The 2 others were less than $100 and perfectly good for holiday golf.Mate had his clubs nicked off the carousel at the airport. They were returned to him at our hotel after the thief had finished his hols! We flew back with 3 sets of clubs........

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