Golf in Orlando

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Golf in Orlando
Right boys, I'm off to florida on Friday for the family holiday, going with my cousin and family and I have been told I can play five rounds ( if I must), I have played several courses out there, we go every year and have done since 01 so I'm pretty familiar with area and courses, what I'm after is an absolute gem that I may have passed by, the courses I have played so far are. Orange County national, panther lake & crooked cat. falcons fire. Metro west. Highlands reserve. Mystic dunes. Champions gate - international. Eagle creek. Provident. Southern dunes. Innisbrook- copper head. Shingle creek. I can't think of anymore I've played, anyone think of something special for me to play? Cheers.

BM, unfortunately I cannot help you but what would be your top 3 out of those courses you have played. Just curious, if ever I go back out there again.  

A bit of a hike from Orlando but World Woods is highly regarded.

I played at the Ritz-Carlton in October; it's where they have the Champions Tour Father Son tournament. Was is excellent condition and got treated like royalty. Got a good deal; there and 18 holes at one of Disney courses for $122. Google Orlando Golf Now to see if offers are still on.

World Woods is very good, either course, play both if you can. Some other ones I have enjoyed were Celebration,  Kissimmee Bay and any of the Disney courses.

Cheers lads will look at world woods, also check deals for ritz Carlton.
Adey- the best out of mine are 1. Innisbrook copperhead course, they play it on the PGA tour about feb/ march I think, expensive but really good, it's near Tampa really. 2. Orange County national, both courses are superb and used as qualifying courses for nationwide tour q school, 3. Is not so easy, either falcons fire or provident I think.

We weren't far from O C National. Thanks BM, would love to play out day eh!