Golf Resorts in the Caribbean

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Golf Resorts in the Caribbean

I'm trying to book an all inclusive resort for my wife and me. We've honed in on the Caribbean because we're going to need a few things. 1. Beach. 2. A spa for the wife. 3. A good golf course for me! Does anyone know any resort that would cater to us both? Someone suggested that I look into the BodyHoliday LeSport thebodyholiday LeSport

I've read reviews online and everything seems great, but can’t find many reviews on the greens there. Has anyone golfed here? Anyone have any information on golf at the BodyHoliday or know of another resort with great golf AND a great beach and spa?

Gail, you have a wife?  

Same sex marriages Kenny.....

Surely lesbos is the place to go then?

Pete Dye Golf Lodge is a brilliant venue in Casa De Campo that I have visited numerous times. Packages available here. Also places to consider are Casa De Campo Hotel where I've also been.

Sounds nice.