Golfing in Europe in November

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Golfing in Europe in November

Hello all,

Could anyone advice on Europe's golfing locations in mid November in terms of weather, rain and winds? Probably, Spain?

Weather in the Med at that time of year tends to be nice with occassional serious Thunderstorms, there is not really any half way house, it is either going to be 20c or thereabouts and sunny or absolute monsoon. If you are looking for cheap, which i guess you are, fly to Malaga, costs about 50p  

Hit and miss in the Algarve at that time of year. Almeria in Spain a safer bet.

If you're after guaranteed sunshine in November then head for the Canary Islands. Good golf to be had on Tenerife or Gran Canaria.

Not sure there is Guaranteed sunshine in the Northern Hemisphere in November, the Canary Islands are only 1c warmer on average than here in winter and there is NO guarantee although 7 days solid sun would not be a surprise in any given week. I would treat the southern med. .turkey, greece, cyprus, Sicily, Southern Spain and Portugal and the canary Islands all as LIKELY to get great weather (Relative to the UK) 20c or so and sunny BUT do not expect a guarantee and pick based on where you want to go first as they really are no guarantees. Sicily has nice golf, but VERY expensive, temps here today was REAL FEEL 32c and tomorrow is 30c (Damn winter)  The Med it is pretty similar regardless, from Turkey to Spain and the Canaries only marginally more likely to be sunny Pick your favourite not based on weather but everything else .the ONE guarantee is, it will be warmer than the UK..   This is what I will have to put up with

I've been to Tenerife in December and February as well as the summer months and have never experienced any rain during daylight hours. In Gran Canaria this year I was told by a resident that they get around six days of rain a year. That's pretty much guaranteed sunshine in my book.

Tenerife is drier than the rest of Europe but only in the South of the island. Puerto de la Cruz can often be hosing down whilst Playa de Las Americas is bathed in sunshine. The bad thing is that PDLA is an horrendous resort, full of thieving scumbags. Stopped going there years ago.

I've been to Tenerife at least half a dozen times and have never set foot in the main part of Playa de las Americas (I have played the golf course) - it's easily avoided and there are plenty of nice resorts.

Tim E, anything particular you can recommend resort wise then? What about the golf courses? Looking to travel in mid-late November for a week and would like just a hassle free holiday with some sun and 3 rounds or so.

Cor sounds great! Can I come?  I'm not much trouble.....

Pissing down in Sicily today

Skeggis, Mogan on Gran Canaria is lovely. About 45 minutes drive from the airport at the end of the GC1 motorway. If you play golf at Real Club de Golf Las Palmas they'll arrange free transfers from and to your hotel. The courses aren't cheap but that seems to be a common theme with Spanish courses these days. There are 6 or 7 courses on the island. Some of the courses have hotels attached (e.g. Anfi Tauro & Salobre Sheraton) and if you stay in the hotel you may well get discount on your golf. On Tenerife I like Adeje, lovely golf course and there's plenty of accommodation on the course itself. Los Christianos is a bit more lively but not too rowdy. The north of the island is quieter, greener but can be a lot more cloudy.

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