Have some Madeira my dear!!

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Have some Madeira my dear!!

Just took up a offer I couldnt refuse,  5star all inclusive, flights, bags and clubs, transfers the blinking lot 600quid each..  centre of Funchal  special deals at the two course with shuttle buses, looked at the courses,,  heaven!!!  wonderful views both in top 200 of Europe  how have I missed this place up to now??  Anybody else played there?? are the courses as good as the social media says they are??  

Amongst the best golf experiences I have ever had Mtp Palheiro GC is very special, Santo da Serra also a great course. Best things of all - class, quality and style.  Madeira is weird, difficult to see the appeal first off - but the food is great, the hotels are superb and the golf is good. Get yourself some Madeira Rainwater and cake for afternoon tea. . . . and relax

http://www.golfmagic.com/travel/western-europe/madeira-you-can-have-your-cake---and-eat-it/3684.html Just a little article, from when I was an intern journalist on here. 


It's been a while since I was there... as Taz says, Palheiro and Santo da Serra are really good. There is a new course on the adjoining island (I forget its name)
that is apparently well worth it too.

Most folk who go there seem to be 500 years old! Not sure why, the whole place is all steep hills!

Another thought about hire cars. I'd advise against the usual holiday thing some do about getting cheapest car possible. The roads are fast, hill and lots of tunnels (underground roundabouts too) so no place to be in a one litre Fiat full of luggage! Need something with more power!

Town of Funchal is great too - great restaurants etc (wife loved the flower market)

Think Portuguese, but a bit different. Over due a return!!

The other island is Porto Santo and its golf course, designed by Seve, has a hint of Pebble Beach about it apparently. Sadly I didn't get to play it, as it was not complete when I was there. I have been back to Palheiro, since that article.  

I found the courses very good

I found the courses very good. Excellent teaching quality.

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