La Finca, Villamartin & Las Ramblas, Murcia

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La Finca, Villamartin & Las Ramblas, Murcia
I asked a year ago the same question and looking at the search history there is nothing recent. We are thinking of playing there next year and I was wondering if anyone had played there recently and could give an up to date opinion of these courses, thanks

Played Las Ramblas but it was about 7-8 years ago. tricky course with some nice carries over the ravines, makes you think about your shots. There is a better course over the road called Royal Campamoar, its more of your englishy type layout.

Ive played all 3 a few times , la finca is the best course in my view and best value for money , a good test with some great signature holes 1st and 17th my favourites , i thought las rambles was an average course , nothing special and very over priced , villa Martin i thought was a nice course , lots of tree lined fairways a good test , id try and book the tee times online as there are lots of discounts to be had by local golf booking company's

Villamartin was in truly awful condition last year. Las Ramblas was and always seems to be in good nick, and personally I think it's a great layout and a proper test. La Finca is the most expensive. Haven't played there in a while, last about four years ago and there was next to no sand in the bunkers. I'm out there later this week, playing Ramblas twice, Campoamor, Lo Romero and the newish one Las Colinas...

Try Condado De Alhama, 30 mins from Murcia on the Puerto de Mazarron rd (think its the MU605), Its a new course that opened for play early last year and is getting great reviews. We only payed €50 a round (inc buggy and drink) last November.

Best course in the area is Roda Golf closely followed by El Valle.

I played El Valle (and La Torre and Hacienda Riquelme sp?) earlier this year. Enjoyed all 3.
Appreciate the info guys, thanks

I played with a golf society in quesada a few years back and the guy who organises the booking of the courses for the society has got a website offering discounts and advice on all the courses in the area , when we go and play over there he always saves us a few bob ,  worth having a look

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Spammed by Yoda we are!

Well that is me booked up for April next year. Staying at La Finca and playing there, Las Ramblas and Villamartin. Hopefully in good nick when we go.
Does anyone know of a nearby pub with karaoke ( just to annoy my pals)

la finca is a 10 minute from the town of quasada plenty of bars and restaurants , im jealous

Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

Well I am all packed and ready to go. Pity I have to wait until Saturday to leave. Looking forward to temperatures in the high 60's or low 70's.

Speaking to my pal who lives near Murcia today and he said it was 19* in the shade but really windy. He played yesterday at Hacienda Del Alamo in a 25-30kmh wind. Apparently its been like that for a week now.

Forecast is for 12-15 mph wind.
Hate playing in strong wind. Would much rather play in the rain. However in saying that, the temperatures are high 60s/low 70s so cant complain too much

Well I am back in one piece, only just though. Was bitten by something on day 1 which caused my leg to swell up a bit and blister so had to use a buggy for only the second time. Visit to docs yesterday when I got home and the anti-biotics seem to be working.
As for the trip.
Villamartin is a decent course with some good holes. Not that I saw much of them as I had my worst ever round of golf there. It is a bit rough around the edges though and it could be maintained better. I had spaghetti Bolognese in the clubhouse and it was horrible.
Next up was Las Ramblas and I would give this a miss if you are short off the tee or if you are a slicer. It was better kept than Villamartin and is a decent course but there are too many blind shots or carries over ravines to say it is enjoyable. I enjoyed the buggy though.
Lastly we played La Finca and this was a proper course. No blind tee shots, good mixture of holes, water placed in thoughtful positions and reasonably generous fairways. No coincidence I played my best there (still rubbish mind you)
The hotel itself was a bit remote and not cheap for drink but the rooms were clean and comfy. Not a single drawer though. However, it was good that they provided a shuttle transfer to the other courses.
All in all, it was good to get away as the temperatures were in the 70's.
Finally, a word about Easyjet. Flight both ways were fine and on time. No problems with clubs or anything so I would have no qualms about using them again

Played La Finca last week in the frigging torential rain. Loved it.....Were'nt to keen on Villa Martin...