Looking for a 3 day tournament in Costa del Sol in 2011

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Looking for a 3 day tournament in Costa del Sol in 2011


Myself and a work colleague are wondering if there are any 3 day events in the Costa del Sol we could play in around May 2011.

Here in N Ireland we have a few of these type events where there are normally 3 venues and you play at each one with your total score to count towards prizes.

Have had no luck finding anything on th eweb.

Let me know if you know of a suitable event.



Styles - I have seen quite a few of this type of tournie advertised in the local papers down here, but the memory is not as sharp as it once was, so cannot direct you to  the individual sites. Scratch that - I have just dug out an old copy of Costa del golf news - (similar to "Tee Times" back in the UK) and found that, this year, there was an Andalusian Golf Classic event, run over 3 days and 3 courses May 21 - 23. They called it the 2010 event - so probably it runs each year.There were also several one day charity events in May.If you would like the website address of the mag, and the organisers of the tournie, pm me, and I'll send 'em to you.N

sweet, exactly what I was looking for, thanks Newnick

pm sent, Styles. Hope it helps!