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Murcia golf advice

Thinking of going on a short break to Murcia next year. For those of you that have been there, which of these groupings would you chose,

La Finca, Villamartin & Las Ramblas or

La Torre, El Valle & Hacienda Riquelme

played both la torre and el valle, nice courses but im sure there will be better ones there, take a sand wedge if you play la torre

I have a contact who rents out accommodation near there ..might be worth getting a price from him if you are not sorted already.  Let me know if you want his details

I'll be staying at Villamartin at Easter, a mate has played all 3 courses in the vicinity & says Villamartin is the better one but all 3 are nice

Played La Torre, Hacienda and El Valle about a month ago, second time i've been there. Out of the three, El Valle is the best course by a mile. Even then there were a few issues: Dog turd on the fairways No one actually understands what a rake is for, hence lots of foot prints, dog prints, unraked bunkers Moody Staff Surly Staff Only 1 bar and restaurant open on La Torre Moody, Surly staff. Middle of nowhere. Drinks machines not working out on course in 30 degree weather. Mood & surly staff when reported! No buggies available if you could actually get an answer about this from the moody & surly staff (you have to ring up and book a couple of weeks in advance, but cant do this when booking with Golfbreaks apparantyl!) No electric trollies available if you could actually get an answer about this from the moody & surly staff (you have to ring up and book a couple of weeks in advance, but cant do this when booking with Golfbreaks apparantyl!) Crap food in the restaurants, with moody, surly staff serving it. Not allowed to play the last day as we didnt have a certificate of ownership in our possesion....... since we stayed in a rented apartment that should be quite obvious! Wanted to charge us £100 per apartment as we werent out 'on time' despite them saying we could have late check out! Think that sums it up!!

Hi guys, thanks for your input. Ian, thanks for the offer but I think we have accommodation sorted. Kefkef, I take it you were impressed by the staff!!

...maybe its like Broughty Ferry, only with more sun!!   (is the Fisherman's tavern still there?)

Heyyyyyy guys.. DON'T PLAY Villamartin at the moment, its poo, under major re-vamp. Also, avoid Le Peraleja,, I had a group of golfers out last week that slated La Peraleja saying it was the worst course(condition wise) they had played. Recent reviews suggest...... La Finca, Las Colinas and Lo Romera. If you want more info re best current courses around the Murcia area.. let me know and I will make some up to date enquiries. Cheers Stuart

Hi Forbesie, Just a note before you book your flights. Did you see my posting on cost saving tips when booking your flights? stuart

Ian, its been a while since I have been there but the Fisherman's is still there. I am stuck in Edinburgh so don't get to Dundee much these days. My travelling companions have decided that they like the sound of moody, surly staff so we are going to play La Torre, el Valle & Hacienda Riquelme. Just wondering, do we need handicap certs? 

AM I INVISIBLE??? AH WELL.. TRY for Murcia to Alicante courses and fantastic golf holiday deasl.. Trust me.. you won't get cheaper quality golf holidays in Spain ANYWHERE..

Villamartin is good but a tad expensive compared to the others. Las Ramblas is a really interesting course, lots of carry off the tee, and there is usually someone selling balls at the back of the 3rd green. Royal Campamoar over the road to Las Ramblas is a decent course, pretty open compared to the others and a tad easier. enjoy it you luck bugger.

Las Ramblas is an experience. If memory serves there's one tee where you ahve to carry over a (what in my mind) is a massive canyon (although I was using a 3 wood at the time so it can't have been that big). But as has been said before, lots of carry's from the tee. I played Las Ramblas, Royal Campamoar and La Finca in a week in 2006 and La Finca was my favourite but that may have been because it was the round I played best at. Royal Campamoar is very nice too.

if yuor going to play La Torre, El Valle & Hacienda Riquelme, try Condado de Alhama. its not far from the 3 you mention, but the couse and range are spot on. No club house yet, but they do have a bar for you to have a few in after your round.  Its a fantastic course. if you need somewhere you stay.  PM me

Hi Scratchmaster, thanks for the offer but we have accommodation. However, we are toying with an extra game. How close is Condado de Alhama from la Torre (or the airport for that matter) and how much is it? Who needs a clubhouse as long as there is beer.

I've never needed a handicap cert, neither have mates who have been a few more times. I'll get the details of the taxi service we used, he's called Pako and works solely on the three complexes you talk about. If you want another course, Roda Golf is supposed to be good. Definately have a night or two in Los Alcazarez, lots more choice of restaurant and pubs (with Sky Sports for golf, footy etc)

+353215002900 if you ring him he can pick you up from the sirport. He has 2 people carriers with trailers for taxiing golfers around. Its cheaper to get him to pick you up from the airport, we paid ???30 per taxi for 3 normal taxis on the way out, Pako charged ???30 each for the two so saved 30 on the trip back to the airport.

If you want buggies for your round then make sure you ring each place up beforehand, 2-3 weeks we were told to book them yourselves.

Kefkef, thanks for that. We don't usually use buggies so may give it a miss. Thanks for the taxi tip.

Forbesie (13) wrote (see)

Hi Scratchmaster, thanks for the offer but we have accommodation. However, we are toying with an extra game. How close is Condado de Alhama from la Torre (or the airport for that matter) and how much is it? Who needs a clubhouse as long as there is beer.

Hi.  Its abuot a 20 minute drive, Towards Mazarron.  Ola Golf are running the course on CDA now. Its worth checking out the below link for deals. If your flying to San Javier its about a 45 minute drive, if your going from Alicante, it can be done in about 1h 15. If you need directions from both airports to that neck of the woods let me know.  You wont be disappointed with the course at CDA

Not sure if you've gone yet so this might be irrelevant, but... We go out to Murcia every October so know the area very well. This October we played the following courses : Las Ramblas - play it every year. A great fun course in relatively good condition. Villamartin - in APPALLING condition, I really couldn't recommend it at the moment. Campoamor - not bad. Quite long. Enjoy - we'll be out again next year!

Thanks for the info Trapster. We are going at the end of March and are playing La Torre, El Valle and Hacienda Ricqulme(sp?). Hopefully they will be ok

stayed at la torre a couple of times, we love it. The course can feel a bit claustraphobic at times mind with the close proximity of the houses. My mate says that the course at roda is the best though i've not played it. You're also only about 45 minutes away from la manga which has a couple of very good courses. i'm not ure where you're staying but los alcazares has excellent places to eat, you're spoilt for choice whether it be in the main square or on the beach front. If you're staying at la torre make sure you go to the little village next to it called 'roldan', it's easy accessed by the rear site exit. There's a little italian restraunt on the main raod through and it's excellent, much cheaper than everywhere else too - you can't miss it. I went with my family so i can't help you with the location of the totty allotment. Finally, the third hole at la torre, played it twice and birdied it both times - beat that !

Played the 3rd this year, my mate was a bit trollied, he hit the tee marker and ended up back over the road for his 2nd shot! Drove the green on the 4th (tee's were up though) and drove the 16th in the same round, I think the folks in front were a bit paranoid i was having a go as they were a bit slow. Also drove the 14th at El Valle which I was proud of, was 330yds according to the tee marker we played from! Shame the rest of my game didn't match my driving though!

Penfold, thanks for the tips for eating out. We are staying at la Torre but will be out and about. Hope the houses have re-inforced glass

5 weeks to go and I was just wondering, will we need handicap certificates?

Well I am back and had a great time. All 3 courses were enjoyable. I probably liked them in this order El Valle Hacienda Riquelme La Torre but not much difference to be honest. I found the staff to be very helpful arranging the complimentary taxi to and from the courses and giving advice where to go to eat out, albeit we enjoyed the Italian restaurant at La Torre. Would I go back? Yes as we know there is more to do around and about (albeit a short taxi ride) which we did not have time for. Would also consider getting twilight tickets to play later in the day and save money, which I don't have much of. Murcia airport is possibly the smallest airport I have been to with next to nothing to do to pass the time. So bring a book. I believe a new airport is being built in the area. Maybe that will be better equipped

End of March? If it's anything like this year take your wet weather gear and some pullovers

Was wet before we left and looking wet now but we there Thursday to Sunday and it was mid 70's and mid 80's on Sunday. Brilliant

Ah well guys, You could have come to sunny Costa Blanca south for 4 nights with 3 rounds of golf (inc buggies), all inclusive for ??289. Been telling you all for ages but no-one listens.. tut tut tut