my costa del sol trip

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my costa del sol trip

Just back from my golfing holiday in the Costa Del Sol, heres what i reckon

Game 1;La Cala Asia-cost 94 euros inc buggy

tight and pretty hard, fairways were quite narrow, had that funny grass for rough that the ball sits down in so the full ball was "under the surface" making playing out of it harder.quite a few blind shots and a few good shots that took weird bounces. thought the greens were in poor conditon for a place with a reputation such as La Cala. Never got a gps and couldn't drive the buggy on the course. spent a lot of time running back and forth to the cart or getting pissed off and just playing the shot witht he wrong club cos the cart was to far away, got punished a lot for some shots which i thought were reasonable lost 4 balls so score was pretty much an N/R, 

Overall, a bit disapointed, mainly due to the fact La Cala came witha huge reputation.

Game 2;Torrequebrada-cost 136 euros inc buggy

Lush fairways and slick greens, beautifully laid out course, shots of all varietys required, challenging course that required good shots to score but wasnt too harsh on the majority of wayward shots, fairways were of a decent size. got a buggy with a built in gps system+could drive on the fairways, allbeit in a limited manner, also got a pin position sheet along with your scorecard,Shot 80 and won 10 euros of an Expat Scot and an argentinian, who also invited us back to play at the weekend because we had such a good time playing together, sadly we never made it. Only downside was the tees, the grass was too long on them but i wasnt goin to let that spoil a great course and a great game.

Overall, No golfer should go to the Costa Del Sol and not play this course!! Awesome- and a step up from La Cala IMHO, thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Game 3; Rio Real-cost 110 euros inc buggy Flat and pretty wide fairways, not to many hills on this one, the actual layout of the course was fine some hard holes, some not so hard, but condition wise this was the worst course we played all week, the greens were terrible, iv got better greens in my local park, 1st green had bald patches the rest of the grass was long and there was a 3 foot squre patch where there had been about 6 holes cut out and had been very poorly replaced, greens were likew this for most of the front 9, although the course did improve a lot condition wise over the back 9 and there werer some realy nice holes, buggy was knackered aswell, also no GPS. Shot 81 and made it round for the first time without losing a ball-lolOverall-liked the course layout, would be a good choice for the higher handicap players(nothing to do with condition), but due to the condition i will be giving this one a miss next time im over. After playing this La Cala Asia didnt seem so bad.That was meant to be us for the week but we phoned up and got another game!! Game 4-La Cala Europa-cost 105 euros inc buggyArrived here witha bit trepidation after Asia, neednt have worried, an easier course than asia IMO, the fairways were a bit wider and the greens were top notch but it is very steep terrain, the 17th is like going up Ben Nevis one side and 18th comes back down the other side, a lot of cracking holes on this course and some spectacular views, a mid handicapper would get on much better on this course than Asia IMO. Got a buggy with a GPS and was allowed to drive on the fairway-why cant this be done on asia would have made it a lot better. Shot 79 despite taking 8 at the 3rd(5 off the Tee- lol)and really enjoyed the round.Overall- La Cala redeems itself with this one, Great course and layout, would deffo play this one again.Good week of golfing though, weather was great, all this was booked through Ron Garrood at Costalessgolf, reasonable prices and he got us transfers for a little bit extra , the pick up guy was on time- everytime would deffo recomend this guy for anyone looking to book a golfing holiday.

Hi shimboI played Torrey a few year back, as you say... its a cracking course but the price seems to have gone up a lot since I was there. By the description of the Europa Course, its sounds like the old North Course which I have played on many occasion, there was only the 2 courses last time we were there, the new one wasn't finished.I would love to go back to Spain to play, but the lads now seem to prefer the Algarve, I don't know why though, its damn expensive at the moment.Paul

Glad you had a good time, the greens on most of the courses are poor at the moment, as  they are left long to avoid too much damage from the summer sun!Although now resident in Spain, I have not played La Cala for some years, as it has a reputation for slow rounds, coupled with over zealous marshalls, (maybe as a result of the slow play!).Torrequebrada is a fine course, thoroughly enjoyed it there a week ago! Glad the transfers worked out OK

We also just got back from a week's golf at La Cala.Asia course (old South) - excellent course, tough holes and difficult greenside rough - but greens are a shambles - absymal.  They have a EuroPro competition there in a few weeks - let's hope it's better by then but I doubt it.Europa (new course) - lovely course - really interesting holes and great views.America (old North course) - my favourite of the three - very challenging, great views - but why they changed the old 14th from a really interesting par 4 to a relatively dull par 3 I don't know.Still love the setup there - apart from the fact that you cannot walk to the driving range, you cannot take a buggy up the road to the driving range, so how are you meant to get there!!

S.P.P. Try and get your guys to consider Turkey.

I am surprised to read that you (Simbo) were so dispapointed in Rio Real. Especially your comments about the greens are remarkable. Rio Real is known in this area for it's good quality! Although Rio Real is located about the lowest above sea level of all courses in the costa del sol area you can almost ( you must have picked the day it wasn't ) play 365 times a year there in good conditions. I 've travelled a lot to that area in the past 10 years and I remember my trip 3 years ago when I played Valderrama, Sotogrande, Monte Mayor, Marbella golf , alcaidesa. The last day we were scheduled to play Los Naranjos but because of heavy rain the course was like most other courses closed. The Westin hotel recommended us to play Rio Real instead, that course is always open and in good condition the guy from the hotel informed us. And he was right,the course was a joy to play also in heavy rain condition. Since then It belongs to my favourite courses in that area. I agree about the lay-out, you'll find easy and tough holes and it's not to hilly, but that's what I like so much about that course. It's one of view you can easily walk while carrying your bag and also it's a course where you know you will get opportunities to make birdies. I believe that other then you say the course is more appreciated by the "better" player (hcp <14) then by the higher hcp'er because of it's lay-out. The higher hcp'ers in our group of 12 guys ( which we go withon a golftrip every year) prefer a course like Montge Mayor much better. I (hcp 8) prefer a course like Real much better. Monte Mayor is in my opinion a micky mouse golfcourse. But the best course after Valderrama and Sotogrande in the costa del is the new course Finca Cortesin.
This is a new championship course which will host the world matchplay golf this year. If you think you can play, play this course fromthe Tiger tees (7200 m)

Simbo you appear to have paid over the odds for your golf,just looking at what you were paying started bells ringing. The guy you booked with  has had a right resulteg;Torrequebrada is 95 +18 Buggy ,thats off their own website,Rio Real is 80,the agents are suppose to get it a bit cheaper not lump a load on for themselvesPrices in Spain in general are high on the Costa del sol they are stupid high.Even the published prices per round are NOT what you should be paying.These prices are for the unwary,the foolish and outright stupid.Have a hunt around on the web before you book with Costagolfless or whoever it was called.The costa del sol is suffering with the economic downturn,(is Valderrama skint?) the courses have put far too much into on site accomadation ,and have ended up with unatractive golf courses full of houses,some half built they cant sell.  I have had many great trips over the years to southern spain but have recentley seen it become an unattractive destination.Glad you enjoyed yourself

So you're saying im unwary, foolish and outright stupid then?? the prices i quoted are from 6 months ago!!! everythings cheaper now, the house you live is probably worth about 10 grand less than it was in september last year!!! i did look around at various other companies and the copurses direct and prices were pretty much the same at them all, give or take a couple of quid, the 2 guys that we played with at torrequebrada were going to sign us back on and the price they said it would cost us was the same as the ones the broker was giving us

Ok I was mistaken,I diddnt realise this thread had been dragged up by the Dutch bloke from last year.I apologise for my rash comments