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Myrtle Beach
Great summary Graham, just the thing! I think I'm off there soon! When I went to Palm Springs in November, I found a great "second hand shop" that had everything (used Pings, Callaways etc) dirt cheap! I wished I'd not taken my clubs, but bought a set there to sell at a profit when I get home! Did you find similar there? (not just the superstores selling new/trade ins?)

Thanks Graham - excellent report. I drove past there two summers ago, and was staggered by the amount of golf courses, with literally dozens on either side of the road for miles and miles. I couldn't work out how any of them made any money, as it must be difficult to attract a decent number of players.

Great courses but Myrtle Beach is not a place for a woman judging by the reactions of my wife and my friend's wife when we went there! Both are golfers.

That's a great article,am going in April for 3rd time and playing 3 of the same course. It is an awesome place for a golf holiday, Martins golf shop is like being 5 again in a sweet shop. Courses have no difficulty getting busy and filling those courses it's golf mecca. Have to say you paid a bit over the odds, but always book golf locally at the Beach before you go.

What exactly do you mean by "no place for a woman?" I was going with my wife, who doesnt play golf!

Their opinion was that the place basically catered for 'men having a break'. Myrtle Beach itself is a soulless place with virtually nothing for a woman to do except sit on the beach, always assuming the weather is good. The hotels are awful, most being glorified motels with hoards of beer swilling blokes making a racket far into the night. The Hilton was closed when we went. It maybe is better. In an effort to cheer them up we went to one of the best restaurants there. The food was awful. In the end we used to eat at The Outback.We were there 2 weeks and only once saw another lady on a golf course!Sorry, if this all looks a little disconnected but it was about 6-7 years ago that we went. However, most of the golf courses can't be faulted. However, I'd recommend avoiding the cheaper ones and make sure you play Long Bay. Also Pawley's Plantation, Lichfield, TPC and Tidewater are 'musts'. Long bay is one of the most difficult courses I've ever played!

I've been to MB twice with a group of friends including ladies. Can't say we found it anything but golfer friendly regardless of gender. We did stay in villas/apartments so maybe the hotel experience isn't as good. However we never struggled to find loads of stuff to do apres golf. Given the strength of the pound at the moment it looks an ideal time to go. IMHO Arrowhead is the finest course I've ever played, add it to your list of 'must play' courses.