Orlando courses in August

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Orlando courses in August

I have been talked into a holiday with the grandkiddies - 2 weeks in Orlando doing theme parks etc.

I will be bringing the clubs and hope you may have some tips or recommendations for courses in the area. I'll be a single and would prefer to be joined up with a 2 or 3 ball for banter etc. I'm not looking for premium courses but preferably not ones lined with houses either. Any advice appreciated. Cheers.

I'd give the theme parks a try first, you may have the time of your life

They're too old for Small World, MW so I'll keep that up my sleeve as a threat! Universal and Harry Potter will be their focus whilst I like the look of those water parks! I like the rides aswell but nothing too scary; I get a rush if I stand up too quick these days. I hope to sneak off to the courses and practice my swearing.

If money is an issue a drive of 45 minutes to the north will halve the cost of golf.  The Orlando area is quite expensive compared to non-touristy areas of Florida. As a single, you can probably get great deals on golfnow.com.

Oh lordy....August you say?........Drop 'em off at the gates and get on the golf course!!! The queues, oh the queues............. Never been in them myself, but I have seen how the rails are arranged for peak (August) times, and would not want to be anywhere near the parks then. As for the golf.....I've never played. I'm too knackered after a day in the park and love the "rest" days.

Thank you DG, I'll be checking that site. I hear you CF. I am not looking forward to queuing in that heat but it has to be school hols on this occasion. FWIW I was in the states recently and what was a shock was the tipping. 15-20% is the expectation now with some cafe/restaurant bills presented with these amounts added automatically. You can demure of course but who wants that situation every day.