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Orlando Golf Advice

I've played a few course in Orlando over the last few years but this year me & my son want to play about 4 courses that we have never previously played.

I have done a little research & can get some good deals at the following but need to find a way to rank them so that we can decide which ones to play.

If anyone has played any of the following please let me know your thoughts.


Falcons fire

Southern Dunes

OCN - Crooked Cat

OCN - Panther Lake

Mystic Dunes

Hawks Landing



Just back, out of your list the best 2 are the OCN courses,also has nice clubhouse and excellent driving range. Providence is good after the first 3 holes and you can usually get good deals there. I have not played MD so cannot comment, a lot of people rave about SD but I feel it is over priced. Of the rest FF is the best in my opinion. If you are prepared to travel 30 miles you should try Harmony, good course, service and lots of wildlife on course. Golfnow is a great site were you will get discount tee times, and if you join Providence site they will email you tee time specials most weeks. Have a great time.

Golfnow is a great site where you can book team times at a discount rate.  

Hi i have played three on the list last October and would highly reccomend Falcons Fire & Southern Dunes 

Go and play OCN, both great courses and a great range! Hosted PGA Q School before they got rid of that.