Scottsdale - Best Value Time To Paly

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Scottsdale - Best Value Time To Paly


can anybody tell me the best time to go to Scottsdale to benefot from low green fees and good conditions. I knwo they overeseed and probably have rules on cart paths etc. I can see in peak season teh green fees are very expensive but just wondered the best time would be to go when you can benefit from great prices and good conditions.

Also if anybody knows of any good coupon schemes where you can save money on green fees.




If you can take the heat then summer is the best time to go. Courses are quieter and deals can be had. It is very very hot but it is a dry heat with zero humidity so as long as you drink plenty you'll be ok. Some of the courses such as the Westin Kierland have air conditioned buggies. The best deals are to be had when you're there. You can use the online tee booking sites but you'll also get some good deals by checking with the larger golf shops. They know which courses are in the best condition and what offers are currently around.

Hi Tim E So are you talking our summer? You seem to know whats what , so would the courses be in good shape with it just being hot or would they be hit or miss this time? Or is this safer than going during seeding etc. What courses would you play? It is my 50th next yea and looking for a good golf trip. Any views on where to stay etc. Lots of asks but good to talk with somebody who knows what is what - Thanks Mark

Hi Tim do you know if any coupon schemes operate there and do you know out of interest any good links to online tee sites with good access to good rates in Arizona plus you said hot - how hot !!!! I have been to Palm springs in August got great deals are you talking this hot as it wasnt too bad as you said its dry heet. Found this easier than humidity in Myrtle beach if honest.

Mark, our summer or their summer - same thing. If you check out the websites for the courses you're interested in then you'll either see when they're overseeding or otherwise you can email them and find out. Not all courses overseed at the same time so you'll always find somewhere to play. Last time I was in Phoenix/Scottsdale we stayed at the Westin Kierland resort, we got a great deal on one of the hotel booking sites. But there are loads of good hotels to suit every budget - check out TripAdvisor. If you've been to Palm Springs in August then you're obviously ok with the heat. Phoenix will be a bit hotter than PS because it sits in a bowl at the foot of the mountains, the heat is trapped and it stays hot all day and night. As far as courses go I prefer Myrtle Beach to Arizona but that said there are plenty of good courses in Phoenix/Scottsdale. The top end courses can be very expensive, even in low season which is why I prefer MB, better VFM in my opinion. I have a friend who lives south of Tuscon, I'll get a link to the online tee booking site he uses when he goes up to Phoenix. Are you tempted to include a visit to Las Vegas for your 50th? It's a nice drive and if you've never seen Vegas then you should    

Tim I have been to Myrtle beach played in world father and son chhampionships with my dad as a treat for his 70th birthday. Hadnt given thsi much thought but now thinking there was so much to choose from and i guess more competition for your dollar. If i went there do you knw again when the best time would be ..... would it be our summer again ? Sounds like you have played there also. If you have where would be must plays and again would you just wing it - book flights car and accomodation and do teh golf out there last minute deals etc .... i suppose if you are a fourball or eight you would always get somewhere ... Again any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Mark

Again any good links re Myrtle beach would be appreciated. Where did you stay when you go to MB. I guess i want to remeber my 50th as something special. Was also considering canada as i played Nichlaus North in whistler and Bear Mountain on Vancouver Island and they were great and found if you are willing to go out after 1 pm golf great value. Ever golfed in Canada?

Mark, if you search this site for Myrtle Beach there are a couple of good threads. I've been at least five times and, for me, it is the ultimate golfing destination. I've been as part of a group of 12 but also as a couple. I've been in March, October and July. I'd always go in summer (June/July) as the golf is so much cheaper. Personally I always book my own flights and car hire but use the services of Golfdesk to book golf and accommodation:    if you contact them then make sure you speak/email with Brian. He knows all of the ins and outs and gives fantastic unbiased advice. Golfdesk seem to get really good deals on the courses as well, far better than any coupon service. As for courses I love playing the "Big Cats" which are just over the border in North Carolina - Tiger's Eye is my personal favourite but the other three (Leopard's Chase; Lion's Paw; & Panther's Run) are also extremely good. Last time I was there I also played Cape Fear and would make that a "must play" on my next trip. But I would rely on Brian's advice as to which courses are playing well at the time you choose to go. I've never played in Canada, but I've played with plenty of Canadians who all head for MB when it's too cold at home!    

Hi Tim in June / July is there much maintenace ? Or again book nothing until you get there and then use Brian experience. Appreciate your advice. As i said its my 50th and its a golf trip or as a keen Rugby fan and ex player go to Australia for the British Lions Tour, trouble with that is teh exchange rate in Aus makes a Pint nearly £8 !!!! If you think of anything else let me know. If i go via the golf desk i wil mention Tim E .   Cheers          

I'd book with Brian before I go, he'll know all about which courses are doing maintenance during the period of your visit. The other place I really enjoyed was Thailand, the golf is superb and off course well let's just say that there's something to keep everybody occupied Have a good trip wherever you go!

I'm 50 in Nov 2013 - might be calling your mate brian then! For my 40th, I went to Indian Wells, Palm was excellent!!

Ian wrote (see)

I'm 50 in Nov 2013 - might be calling your mate brian then! For my 40th, I went to Indian Wells, Palm was excellent!!

Ian, you won't regret it if you do.

Mark, the online tee booking site my mate in Arizona uses is: