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Thinking of arranging a boys weekend trip there.  Play both days.  Heard lots of good reports.   is the local golf hotel ok or any  other suggestions where to stay. 

Wouldn't mind knowing myself. I've always fancied a knock around there.

The Golf Hotel is just ok it's not the Ritz, well it wasn't the last time i stayed there.The good thing about it is that it is close to the course.Just had a look on the website and see they have done some refurbishment so go for it.

We stayed in Carlisle, Premier Inn for £29/room. Was around 30-40 mins away from Silloth, 10 or so minute walk into town centre, but was a decent location for a Sunday - few busy-ish bars, excellent Indian restaurant on the main drag.

We played Seascale GC as well, which i'd highly recommend.

Time for a GM trip!

Anyone fancy it?

In April?


Although April could be 4 foot of snow

Or 80 degrees!

Nah. no snow this year !!!! 

Anyone fancy a trip then? I'll do the leg work!


That's two of us then.  

I thought W/e April 24th ish or W/E May 15th ish

Organiser's privilege. Pick a date and they will come

May 14th Looks a good day to stay  Prem Inn in Carlisle £45 then play Siloth on Sunday. Should I start a proper thread for this?