Single traveller to Mar Menor Golf Resort

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Single traveller to Mar Menor Golf Resort

Hello All

 I have been lurking on the boards for some time, learning plenty but now need some advice.

 I have booked to go to the Polaris Mar Menor resort on 21 February - last minute thing and I have sorted out accommodation, flights, car hire etc.  But not the golf!

I am travelling on my own so a bit apprehensive about what to expect.  If anyone can give me any advice on whether I need to book tee off times in advance, whether playing alone is likely to be a problem and what I can expect, I would be very grateful.

I have a handicap of 22 so expect a pretty tough challenge out there!

Many thanks in advance.

It isnt overly tough, but some properties are in play if you are wild off the tee.   I suggest emailing them, explaining you are a single player and ask for starting times and say you would like to be put with pther golfers.  They are a pretty helpful bunch there and will sort you out.Remember that you can get access to the other Polaris courses nearby too.  Weather is usually pretty good there in Feb. 

Toby, As a single traveller you shouldn't need to pre-book tee times. Whichever courses you choose to play should be able to hook you up with other golfers very easily - you don't really want to play on your own do you?You could try phoning the pro-shop, you'll probably find most of the staff either are British or speak good english. Tell them you're looking to play and they may well be able to hook you up with some members.If the hotel you're staying in advertises a tee booking service then get them to team you up with some other visitors. Either way you should meet some new people and maybe even get some new golfing buddies out of the trip.Have a good time! 

Many thanks for quick replies - and the reassurance. To be honest, I don't mind playing alone - I often find I do so at home due to family situation meaning very early tee off times on a Sunday morning when most normal people are still asleep!My main concern was hearing that if playing alone, etiquette considers that I am practising and should allow any groups following me to play through - if the courses are busy, that could mean I am waving people through all day!However, if I can be paired up with someone, all the better - as you point out, it is a good way to meet people.I will try and contact the courses directly to get their advice as well.Many thanks again and I will report back in a few weeks.

The stipulation that a single golfer has no standing went out several years ago....quite the reverse!  Slower groups shuld invite quicker ones through.Biggest problem of playing alone is 4 balls holding you up!

Just a follow up now that I have returned from Mar Menor.Firstly, I need not have worried about travelling alone - no problems at all getting tee off times sorted out, and I met a few people there who invited me to join them.For a moderately high handicapper, I found Mar Menor was fine although a bit tight between the houses in some parts, La Torre was great and El Valle was a challenge!One thing to note - the first thing they asked for at the Pro Shop was a handicap certificate (fortunately I had one).  This was the same at each of the three courses I played.  Anyway, many thanks again for the initial advice.

I got an email eysterday from a guy I know running a company selling and renting Polaris World Properties arounf there.A 2 bed appartment at la Torre, which I am sure was about 200 Euros last year is now under 100.   Even with the rate changes, that a hell of a slide!