The best way to book a golf holiday!

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The best way to book a golf holiday!

golftripsNOW, the first website in the world that lets you book your tee times and hotels in real time! NOW you can book your golf trip quickly and stress-free. Take a look at the site here

It has also just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo! Check it out here and contribute so that it can provide you with even more courses and hotels and also develop group payment software so you can all pay for the trip separately!

If you fellow golfers like the idea then why not visit the Indiegogo page and help spread the word!

Let me know what you think of the site!

Maybe the "best" way is to book with someone you know and trust, rather than a random bloke trying to blag free advertising?

I take it that this is a work in progress? I typed in "South Carolina" and there are just four courses to choose from, one of those is in North Carolina. Given that there are over 100 courses in the Myrtle Beach area alone that's hardly great coverage. Impossible to "build" a golf holiday around 3 courses. Sorry Henry but I'm out.

Get your preferred area researched. Hunt down a Travelodge / Premier Inn. wait for their offers (Sunday / Mondays are usually good times)  Book in.  Look for courses with comps on. Book into them.  This year Mathew.....we'll be playing up in West Yorkshire again.  Anyone want to join us? 

Indeed, the site that posts Club Opens.... value to be found!

No good if you want to go overseas.... no Travelodges in Hawaii!

What a bag of shite. Just use google, google maps & online/telephone booking?  

It is a work in progress. Its currently raising funds to be able to add more courses to the website. The idea is there and we are trying to spread the word as it is the quickest way to book a golf holiday.

The whole process feels like a 'burden'!

I don't see what you're doing differently Henry. Plus I can get better rates at courses than you are showing on your site. For example Heritage course in Myrtle Beach between 2nd and 6th November your site is quoting $107 per round. A couple of minutes on the net and I've already got a rate of $86 It's one thing making things "easier", although I never find booking a holiday difficult or stressful, but you have to make them value for money as well.