The Vale resort Wales

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The Vale resort Wales

I have booked a golf break there in september, was just looking for some opinions??

Never been there but what are you doing booking before seeking opinions Tom? Rookie error!!

Ah well ! I never was very smart !   I did have a good nose round the 'net before booking, but just wanted some validation from those i know really.

I'll tell you in a couple of months, as a group of us have three days in June booked.

Tom, you have a PM.

Two courses huge hotel. Not bad not great. If you got a good rate and the weather is kind, you'll be happy.....

Courses are modern parkland. Can get soft underfoot if weather unkind. Some pretty interesting holes. Can be slow to get round.

Cheers Ian, thanks for the heads up!   

If you get out to play elsewhere some super old parkland courses in Cardiff... and my club at Newport... some great links just west of there too

Hi Tom, 24 of us played there last year, played 36 holes for three days - we were very lucky with the weather which was a big plus. The two courses are a fair test - staff very friendly, food & drink not rip off prices while hotel was tidy and comfortable. Going back this year.

Thanks Nifty! Praise indeed if you're returning

Stay at Strady Park Hotel and play Ashburnham, Pennard and Machynys ...... Miles better..... Probably cheaper too

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