Turkey week

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Turkey week

hi guys, me and junior are thinking of going to Turkey for a week of golf all inclusive.

i thought I may organise a GM in Turkey event.

would anyone be interested In? No prices at the moment just gathering your opinions.

SH, depending on dates and price I could well be up for it

Handicap required? I aint got one but would be up for it.. esp if near Kaz  

I'm a possible.

Thanks for that guys, no handicap would be required. i am sure it would be a good laugh and a good time would be  had by all. a possible 5 maybe even a few more means I can make some enquiries. anymore


Cracking idea SH Me and Mrs E would be interested depending on dates.

Yes potential date is handy

Thanks guys. This is encouraging I'm on it. ill let you know options.


Count me in again depending on dates.

Ok, had a few conversations with some of the travel orgs. Need some idea of dates. do we want to go in February,March,April ?  I guess that we don't want to go in the summer months so are we looking to go September, October november? or do we want to go in our summer and make a holiday of it? need help here guys.

I went to Antalya a few years back... played Pasha and Sultan, , would go again without question.

YGT etc do some decent deals. ..

Thanks for that. i and jnr will be going so if anyone else wants to go let me know if not then not. anyone interested give me some idea of dates as again me and jnr are flexible. happy to organise but also happy to go it alone.

SH, choose the date that suits you best and we'll join you if we can.

Tim is right. Avoid a shaggy dog story. .. put up an itinerary that suits you and see if you get takers.

Thanks for you good sensible advice. i will do just that.

Hummmm. You must be reading my mind ok guys if any one is interested it's the algarve. Any Interest???

A bit close to those ETA chaps isn't it?

Yeah but they are not fanatics and keep it to their own country

ii'M DEFFO IN IF IT'S THE aLGARVE.  Oh nuts. I'm not typing this again

I'm still interested.


I'm booked for Q d L in May.... book flights really early and save lots! Accommodation dead easy to find

Q d L ?

Quinta do Lago

Yes, sorry. Booked flights in Oct for May trip... ??25 each way!

Are they attaching you to the wings

Nowt if you hire from Paul McGinley's mates

i thought of hire the clubs, specially as it's nice and easy at Fare airport, but as a hight challenged male I have to have cut down and 2 deg. Flat.

Last year I took my clubs and my wife hired a set... I paid about 30 pounds each way, she (well me) paid 35 pounds to hire.

If you can hire something you like it sure saves the aggro of carry the bag to and from th e uk airport. I play Ping and they don't do those!

As I said, book the flights early enough and the cost of taking the clubs becomes less of an issue