Where in spain?

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Where in spain?

Hi everyone,

I guess this is a very open question, but I need to book a weeks golfing in spain for for blokes aas party of a joint 40th birthday celebration. We are mid to low handicappers, but don't play too often anymore. We would like to enjoy a lads holiday, but are more likely to be gents holiday now that we have finally matured a bit.

Where would you recommend we go in Spain? Nothing to expensive, but not too rough either. Then once we have decided where, how would you suggest we book it? With a package type holiday company or book it seperate. What are the pit falls of each option.

We are looking at 7 days March / April 2015... yes 2015.

Any advce is welcome as we are starting from zero knowledge base.



Just been reading some othe r thread s and I think it is worth adding a few more comments to help you guys help me 1. Golf is important but not the be all and end all 2. Night life is preferred 3. Would like a villa with pool and not a hotel/apartment hope thaat helps a bit Cheers Smag

We are quite flexible on the date as it is multiple 40th birthdays. We could push it to May if that improveds the weather. I personally want a swimming pool as that just feels more like a holiday. The problem I have is I have know knowledge of golf in Spain, so picking a place is not so easy. I could pick the complete wrong place and end up in a dog hole. I guess I am after some ball park suggestions. Blanca, Brava etc etc. Once I have the region nailed down, then I can pick the resort based on the golf available. Any advice is much appreciated Cheers Smag

To avoid unecessary travel look at courses that are within an hours drive of an airport and that you can get to from your local airport. That should still leave you loads to choose from. Take a look at the GM golf course reviews (top menu).

I don't know if this class as advice.,.. but a bunch of us go to Las Colinas every year for 4 to 5 days.... and it always been good value...  The course is fantastic... and appartments is clean and mordern.  We always go around march time (this year a bit later) but I always come back with an unwanted tan....

Going to Salou in September & playing at the Lumine Golf club which has 54 holes, area has good nightlife, courses look good & only 15 min from Reus airport.   Got 5 nights 27 holes a day & B&B in a 4 star hotel for £390 plus flights

thanks for the replies guys. I like the idea of heading as far south in spain as possible to get the better weather. I think we are leaning towards booking it all seperately. So was thinking of using owner direct to get a villa. If we do that, then what is the best way to get the green fees organised, or do we just turn up on the day? Cheers Smag

if you're anywhere near Fuengirola I have used these WWW.Elitegolfservices.Com Can't fault them.

Sort out your green fees beforehand and haggle hard for a good deal. You can do it yourself by emailing the clubs or find a recommmended local agent to sort it out. You may even find a complex of courses that do an all inclusive.

I would plump for Costa del Sol, purely for MASSIVE choice of golf courses. Fuengirola is a good location for beach, bars & accessibility to golf & airport if you want to stay in apartments For a villa, I can recommend staying here - www.rentvillamed.com La Cala is well worth a look as a place to play golf - three top drawer courses there Miraflores is another decent track and not too pricey. I've used www.elitegolfservices.com as well - v handy

A group of golfers I know go to Vilamoura every couple of years. I know that's Portugal (Algarve) rather than Spain, but they swear by it. Plenty of accommodation, decent night life, and a lot of courses in surrounding area. Might be worth considering. The one year I went on the their trip, they tried Spain (Costa Brava) as a change - but have since gone back twice to Vilamoura. Costa Brava was good, but too much travel between courses (so wouldn't recommend for your group).

      . FLORIDA !   "2 years to put a couple of quid away " ........you know it makes sense

Had missed the timeframe involved You could go for Long Island in April 2015 and play the Bethpage courses Plenty of time to put your pennies away....

Thanks for even more great replies. My concern with America is the fact that is a long way to go for one week. I would love to go there, but not for 1 week. I would rather hop on a plane and be at the resort a couple of hours later than fly for 5-6 hours to get to the states. cheers Smag

Hi mate,  I have used thes several times, they have the best rates in Mallorca and you can choice from 22 golf courses and book online  www.holidaysinone.com Hope you enjoy it

Still here

Did you get to Spain then?

No. Never got round to it ( cost, Organising,Time) . We did manage aweekend in Southport though. Played Forby Ladies and Ormskirk. Really enjoyed it.

Are you still interested in play abroad?  Meybe we can meet in Majorca, I'will go in January , before the peak season. i have booked at the Barceló Pueblo and three differents courses   Maybe we can organize a match play  i have done trough holidaysinon.com, they include the transfer from and to the airport if so, send me a PM ??????

Take a look here: http://golfersglobe.com/