Where to stay - Fraserburgh, Peterhead area

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Where to stay - Fraserburgh, Peterhead area
Hello all - long time member returning, no longer have old email account, hence cryptic "2" at end of email address. So, to set the scene - a friend and I have our annual Scottish pilgrimage coming up at the end of March. We are starting at Carnoustie, staying at Golf Hotel and playing Carnoustie Champs (hopefully fully open by then), Panmure, Montrose & Monifieth on the fantastic value Carnoustie Dream Ticket. We are then moving up to play Murcar (played Royal Aberdeen last year) staying in Aberdeen for a night. We are then moving up to the North East corner where we haven't been yet - we have been round to Moray/Inverness/Boat/Braemar/Dornoch/Brora before, so are keen to stay and plan somewhere new. We are going to play Cruden Bay definitely, then three days playing from amongst Newburgh, Peterhead, Fraserburgh etc. Advice welcomed. However, we are really struggling for where to base ourselves and where to stay. Ideally, we are after ; * somewhere near the coast * happy (very happy !) to stay in a pub if the accommodation and food is nice * reasonable rate * possible nights out welcome However, looking into it Peterhead sounds like Fight Club and can't find anywhere that looks suitable in Fraserburgh. Other than that, doesn't seem to be much up there and people recommend basing yourself in Aberdeen which seems a shame. Help ! (and thanks)

I would probably give Peterhead and Fraserburgh a miss both from a golf perspective and an accommodation perspective.  Would suggest basing yourself in or around Macduff, Banff on the coast.  You could also use Nairn or Elgin at a push..  Courses to play - Elgin, Lossiemouth (x2), Nairn and Nairn Dunbar, Spey Bay, Garmouth and Kingston, Royal Tarlair, Duff House etc..  Then head South on A9.You could certainly do a drive through and maybe play Fraserburgh at a push.  You have got the best courses outlined already.  Elgin and Nairn both have good B&B accommodation and any number of good hotels and pubs.Many of the hotels around this area cater for golf breaks at very good prices.  EG. http://www.stationhotelportsoy.co.uk/golf-breaks-scotland/golf-breaks-sc... Just a thought.

Thanks Ken, really appreciate the input. You definitely "got" what we are after.
Forgot to mention we have played Nairn, but not Nairn Dunbar.

We were debating heading up to Moray but are conscious that we are bound to want to play Spey Valley and Castle Stuart on a future trip (when their shoulder season prices are a little more reasonable, or for one of their summer deals !) and were 'saving it'. hmmm.

Have seen some "hidden gem" type reviews of Peterhead and Fraserburgh, would you give them a miss ? We love Scottish Links, especially undeveloped but quality ones like Brora.

Dan,My main concern was that you have played, or are planning to play, Murcar, Royal Aberdeen and Cruden Bay which are probably the best three links course around in that area.  Fraserburgh is more of the same but not as good if you get my drift.  I would look to the Moray Firth coast and probably the top 4/5 there are Royal Tarlair, Duff House, Spey Bay and I do like Lossiemouth especially if the jets are taking off and landing when you are playing!  Newburgh is a really good course and a defo hidden gem.  Greens are brilliant and it's a typical links course.   I would probably look for one of the hotel deals as noted in my last post.  They can do all the booking for you and may well get deals that you can't. BTW - many courses will still have their winter fees in play up until the end of April as well so make sure you ask for them.  Most are advertising their new 2010 fees as from 1st April and may well quote those prices rather than the "old" ones.

Thanks Ken.
Am in negotiations with my playing partner to change according to your recommendations.
I had been trying to get Lossiemouth on the itinerary...

On the Winter Green Fee topic, this is one of the reasons why we play at this time of year, other than having the courses to ourselves.
Carnoustie at

Quick update, determined by Winter rates and accommodation availability.
Now going ;

Carnoustie, Murcar, Lossiemouth area for 3 nights/2 games then back to Cruden Bay then back whence we came.

We have one day to play somewhere round the Moray area, all of Royal Tarlair, Duff House, Spey Bay look great fun.

Thanks, can't wait.

Depending on how much time you have, but if you have a spare couple of hours, have a game at Cullen. It is short and it is not a classic course in the scheme of things but it is a fun course, playing over and around sandstone stacks.http://www.cullengolfclub.co.uk/course.htmRe your other round, and I know everyone has different opinions on things, but I think Tarlair only has 1 good hole, the 13th. Of the 3, Duff House Royal would be my choice (it is also closer to Cullen). Designed by McKenzie who designed Augusta. 

Dan,There are some very good articles and offers in the new edition of the Bunkered magazine.  They review the Highlands area around Castle Stuart, Dornoch and Nairn and there are a couple of offers in the magazine as well......two nights B&B at Royal Golf Hotel Dornoch with 2 rounds at Castle Stuart and 1 at Dornoch for £250 or same with a round on Nairn for same price.  Unsure if they are good deals or not.  It says call 01463 796111 or email bookings@castlestuart.com.  Also a good write up of Murcar Links.  Maybe worth buying the mag if you can find it.  Online here -http://www.bunkered.co.uk/

Thanks Ken, that's a great piece of info. (edited for awful english !)
My playing partner is (or was, anyway) a subscriber so will get him to have a look. Castle Stuart quote

OK then, funny how the thread started with accommodation for Peterhead or Fraserburgh and we are no longer going there. The beauty of the Web.
Thanks to Ken and Forbesie for their input, full trip now reads...

Cruden Bay
Castle Stuart
Royal Dornoch
Castle Stuart

Can't quite believe we are managing all that, and with the deals Carnoustie is effectively the most expensive at

Dan,Looks good and slightly envious.  Let me know by PM of the dates of Murcar and Cruden bay and I may join you if that is allowed.  How many of you are there playing?Ken

Dan - I would be interested to know when you're playing Murcar and Cruden Bay as well - if you have room for another

Hi Ken and Dick
Good idea.
Am waiting to hear back from some friends in the North who are hoping to join us.
Will let you know !


Quick note to say that we had a fantastic trip, but unfortunately didn't meet up with Ken or Dick - the east coast was under snow !
Our spare day was a quick trip down to lovely Ladybank, 25 quid for full course !

The Bunkered deal between the brilliant fun, top drawer Castle Stuart, Royal Dornoch and the amazing quality Royal Golf Hotel in Dornoch is the best golf deal I have ever had - fill your boots !

A bit late, but for info for others.Cruden bay itself has a few decent small hotels, The Kilmarnock Arms, St Olaf and The Red House.As the Kilmarnock Arms is at the end of the road where I stay, it would get my vote.

Indeed, we stayed at the Kilmarnock Arms and found it very nice.

Does Gordon Beagrie still run the Red House?

Iain Reid 2 wrote (see)

A bit late, but for info for others.Cruden bay itself has a few decent small hotels, The Kilmarnock Arms, St Olaf and The Red House.As the Kilmarnock Arms is at the end of the road where I stay, it would get my vote.

Not sure, we had a drink there funny place half full of poker players half full of blokes supporting anyone but england... = }

How long did you stay there? And How much total you must pay for your trip?_______________ Open Source Development

It was all mix and match. The key to the value for money is playing at the end of March where all courses are fully open. You will need to email the clubs to check, but on the whole the last two weeks in March are safe - this is true on the east coast and the highlands, eg Boat of Garten.
You are taking your chances at that time of year, so take your foul weather gear !

We played Carnoustie Championship, Panmure, Monifieth and Montrose, all fully open, for