Finally got my swing filmed!

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Finally got my swing filmed!
Well finally got one of these new fones that you can video on... still getting the hang of it, so sorry if its not up to the standard you guys are used to. I was hitting a 6 iron, 175 yrds (Instructor used a range finder on it, also the filming too!) Anyway, first time showing my swing on here so please be gentle. But any thoughts and comments are more than welcome. Forcey Boy

good swing that forcey boy

Here here! Good clean strike and also a good video that shows your ball flight too for a change.

too fast to say anything other than that went straight

I blinked and missed it.

Looks a good swing to me.

As my friend's US college golf coach once said (to a lad who was having a crisis of confidence, in that case),"Just put your clubs in the trunk and go play!"I can almost hear the "wooooo!!!!!" when I think of that!

Nice turn and position at the top of the backswing, but a little flat footed in the downswing.

Hi ray. Can you expand more on the flat footed comment for me?

Forcey Boy, with the barrier directly blocking your right foot it is difficult to be certain, but it does appear that your right heel stays down too long on the downswing. If you pause the swing at impact your right heel should be just off the ground. Although your finish is clearly on the right toe, this appears to be a result of the momentum of your body at the end of your swing. A passive lower body can cause either a slice or a hook depending on, interalia, where your centre of gravity (head) is during impact. It would be better if you could either get a slow-mo or a front on view of your swing to compare. Incidentally, I am being pedantic because your swing as I said previously looks mechanically sound. What is your handicap?

So isnt new to the

So isnt new to the whole concept of this? Like i am no genious but i dont think that this is something that is vastly accepted here at all, so all in all i dont really get that feel of it here !