Forum comments on swing ....

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Forum comments on swing ....

So I passed on my swing videos to Andy for comments in the relevant thread, but how about some comments from the forum too, we can see how they compare to the guys from city point ....



I know very little about the technicalities ...

... but that left foot can't be good.

I like it nice rhythm, do you play with a draw?  

CS, is correct and it's a known item for me (usually occurs more when I'm being lazy with the swing .... im not a range rat so practise on the range is a bit of a chore). ... and because of that foot and the casting of the club that can occur as a result I usually have a fade, which is manageable when I'm swingIng ok and concentrating

The first video clearly shows a big separation in the arms due to a takeaway which is too flat. If you stop the video to check the plane of the swing about half way you will see the driver shaft is almost parrelel to the ground! By getting too flat and off plane it causes the club to point right of the target at the top of the swing, which then requires a looping action to get the club back on plane. The answer is to stay on plane for the first six inches or so of the takeaway by keeping the club face looking at the ball longer. It will feel strange at fist but it should not take too long to see how your ball control and flight differs. Bet you're glad you asked - LOL! 

Tom Watson advocates lifting the left foot......

Reverse pivot and a flat swing. Same issues i've been working on. Always hit a fade (started left and faded back), especially with a driver so decided on lessons. Work on the takeaway staying on plain and your posture. I swung very quickly and my over swing came as a result of my reverse pivot. You make a full shoulder turn way before the club gets to the end of your back swing. IMO slow your back swing so you can control it more easily. Your left wrist looks very flat at the top of your swing which results in the club face being shut at the top. Wrist should be slightly cupped in my opinion (from what my pro tells me) which should put the clubface in a neutral position.  Don't normally comment on peoples swing but you have a lot of the same "issues" I had 18 months ago.

1. You have the ball teed too low 2. You have the ball teed too far back in your stance 1 and 2 together force you to hit down on the ball which is wrong ,this produces low launch high spin and kills your flight, you will have a glancing blow with a significantly reduced ball speed. 3. You do not shift weight properly, which robs you of speed and efficient transfer of power, by not doing this you are not behind the ball at impact, you also need to tilt your spine in order to promote the proper path. 4. Your coil needs fixing, it looks like a bit of a slap, you have not really got a strong looking coil and release, easily fixed on the range. The above adds up to low cuts unless you come over the top but I would guess you hit low cuts all day, mostly slightly thinned off the face. You obviously have good rhythm, but the swing is not the dynamic movement you should be putting on it (You look athletic but your swing does not) if you can fix these issues you have lots of yards to gain, I would guess if you worked at it seriously for 6 months i.e. now until spring finding 50 yards would not be out of the question you are hitting your driver like at least 80% of guys, teed too low, downward strike, too far back, that prevents you putting the proper move on it, as if you did you would be a foot ahead of the ball..        

Thanks for the contents guys, loads of things to reread and digest in those comments, hopefully I have improved a little on a few things during this time but I know I still have lots left to do... To be 100% honest I just struggle with the motivation to practise.

It appears that I play well in thick fog though as just managed took get cut to 5.2 after yesterday's comp ... Which is a shock as my range session both before the round and on Saturday were shocking in terms of my ball striking !!

If you are playing to 5.2 you need to have a big think about what you will listen to from any advice on this forum. However well meaning the advice would you really trust someone with no teaching qualifications and having seen you strike a ball 3 times to be able to correctly give you ideas for improving?

Agree with Matt on this, whatever you're doing, you are doing it consistently enough to play to 5. I think you need a GOOD pro to slowly slowly coax you into some better habits, without wrecking your current game or confidence. TREAD CAREFULLY !

sub7eventy who told you to cup your wrist at the top? All advice I ever see nowerdays is around the premise of a flat left wrist through the whole swing!!! I know not everyone tour player has a flat left wrist at the top of the backswing but i'd say the more orthodox swingers on tour defintly have flat wrists. Its amazing how so many people get such different advice, I think thats the reason i've never put my swing up on the forum especially seen as there is a lot of things that need adressing.  

There are some facts here that are obvious   1. tee is TOO LOW obvious 2. ball position is entirely wrong When you do these things together other FACTS are that you hit down not up, you hit low on the face, you will nearly always hit a low cut. Good rythmn saves crap fundamentals all the time but if you set up wrong, you cannot swing correctly It MUST be obvious to all that the weight shift is not correct either   Is your normal drive a low cut?    

Nope ... I can hit a low cut, but it's certainly not my normal shot. I certainly wouldn't say my ball flight is anything like low, but I do cut/fade the ball.

Have you been seen by a pro on a launch monitor?  I would still bet you have low launch (99% of golfers launch too low) so normal compared to others equals low! A driver is designed to be hit ABOVE the middle and you should be swinging UP on it, you can do neither with your swing set up and swing. I am sure you will find the pros tell you the same

I would definitely agree with tom-333. Get a good pro to slowly work on your swing. That's what i have done. I wanted to continue playing rather than ripping apart my swing. I had lessons with 4 pros before deciding on which i felt would be the best to work with. I had one pro try and teach me a flat wrist and whilst unclechopchop might be right I disliked the feel. The only reason i commented was because your swing looks very similar to mine 18 months ago.....though i was not playing off 5.2, so well done. I would expect your shot shape to be a mid to high fade starting left and coming back (probably for every yard it started left it comes back 1.5-2 yards right). With my swing this decreased as i got towards my wedges which only had a gentle fade. I am a big fan of trackman as the numbers don't lie. Its not for everyone but maybe try it or try a number of pros out to see which one you want to commit to. BTatHome, I hope none of my comments sound as if I am "telling" you what to do, as implied above by UCC, but are merely taken by yourself as my opinion on your swing

I agree with those who say go and see a proper golf pro...however if you taken the trouble of posting on this forum then there is a reason for it. So, as a compromise have a look at the video link below which will help you correctly take the club away, hinge your wrists whilst rotating your arms in order to get the correct swing plane and position at the top of the swing - simples. 

I think there is a lot of advice given that is correct in regards to a "classic" swing however if you are playing at around 5 at them moment then you are playing very well to YOUR swing. This is what I mean in regards to being careful what you change, for example I'm sure we can all offer Jim Furyk some tips on what looks strange about his swing but he plays his game (and very successfully). Now I'm not saying that you are in his boat but the point remains you need to work with someone who understands what works for you and what you can tweak to improve it. But as Ray said you came on here for some general comments I would echo Kenny's second point, it looks like the ball is too far back in your stance and your over rotation on the backswing means you hit down on it with your arms rather than hitting up through it with rotation, this loses you a lot of power but to change it would be a big shift in how you hit it. For an example pause the video when face on at the top of your backswing, your shoulder is pulling your head round, meaning you will lose stability and not be able to rotate through (again echoing Kenny's comments).  

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