GOLF basic education

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GOLF basic education

As we all know, a ballerina with the javelin thrower development effort are clearly different mechanisms. Long training coordinating body formed enough to make the difference from the usual mode of operation outsiders can be discerned. Even in a campaign against the movement, in another there is a must!

For different purposes.

However, the movement is the same, every movement needs to respond, coordinated, efficient muscle contraction.

This may seem a paradox but also full of ideas in the theoretical system in GOLF.

Deep thinking, and any movement need to artificially create a mechanism (more than one) people can achieve the purpose of stable and efficient. Only suitable mechanism for individuals accustomed to its full capacity of reflection and coordination. Otherwise, just the opposite. The fast slow, the slow fast.

Such as the rotary push shot put and back, are in line with the principle of human parabolic, but are completely different acceleration mechanisms. I've seen some push back from the familiar to the traditional coach's Rotating write articles, fully understand the principle of rotation!

As another example, JIM MClean out BENHOGAN the DVD, can be said that he did not know the theory HOGAN, purely nonsense.

Large differences in different systems comparable to ballet dancers and javelin thrower.
GOLF, if not of the various systems for the purpose, be sure to do the West family learning club day school day. To adhere to the one system.

Decision system --- is simply grip the lever with both hands!

You must know your hands are doing! How to do it. It is not automatic!

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