Good investment PUTTING MIRROR

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Good investment PUTTING MIRROR

7th Dec 2015 & Day 3  - With the tour mirror and were getting somewhere, 30 putts today including a dreaded 3 putt. (74 shots +5) 

I've tried the Spieth looking at the hole and that failed on course (so that's scrapped) and today I've gone left under right (Kaggy handed) with a consistent ball position inside left heal and eyes down the center line of the mirror, very happy with the £11 spent on it. 

Putting lovely today and never felt under pressure even from 10 foot (long may it continue) got a system stick with it. 

6 mins working with the mirror and a pitching drill for today's #GolfVlog

I'll try anything to improve my nemesis #ChippingYips 

Because its a forum people share stuff, like you share your negative comments on every one of my posts !!  Expect more and on a regular basis you secretly like it but as a keyboard warrior you feel you need to speak out.  Got the golf bug can't wait for the new season    

Mirror mirror on the ground, where can a silky stroke be found

Mirror mirror on the grass, where..... no, I'll leave that one I think.

Its an extremely difficult thing , making interesting videos, how about you share some insight into something pasty?  You've been quite negative towards russ. But you've not been contributing much yourself.

Riveting putting. Solid strokes.

Did you count the putts ? Maybe it's an aid to help people sleep

Haha yes your right pasty! But you must have a wealth of knowledge to give out, fancy giving some insight into how you practice your putting?

Actually looking back at my video's - its more WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE ?? than anything else.  I'm not trying to be a film producer or youtube star, my first golf video was pitching I feel I dip into the ball under pressure it fails  So the cross legged drill from MrDavies gives me something to work with I've used the technique in a match when I felt nervous last week, as we all know yips is a bugger to remove from your game and it comes back at any time.  I just want to lay the game like I did 20+ years ago  

So many things on forums I read that I find dull or boring. I move on. I have never stopped to spend the time to tell the person why I am not interested. I find it interesting as to why someone would spend time on something they don't find interesting. 

Joking and banter aside, the mirror has been a excellent investment.  I'm so much more confident over a 3-4 ft putt and my #GameGolf stats are shooting down for putting #KaChing