"Great Tiger moments" How good is this guy?

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"Great Tiger moments" How good is this guy?

Take a look at some great Tiger moments here


Just how good is this guy?

the chip at the end is my favourite one. Any mere being would of aimed straight at the pin, yet tiger reads it perfectly, just an incredible shot. I also love that putt on the 17th at sawgrass from the edge of the green. Insane! He said if it had missed the hole it would've gone into the water, yet it just caught the lip and held on.

Shawsey, the passion of the guy is inspiring........... Just love how good his shots are, but even more, his reaction to what he has just done!! Breathtaking!! We all love golf for its passion and Tiger just shows this passion with every shot.  Simply outstanding.....

Yes I agree with you.Tiger used to keep quiet after his every shot....he is the best inspiration for the all basic sports learners...keep sharing.