Interesting drill from my lesson Tuesday #ShaftLean

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Interesting drill from my lesson Tuesday #ShaftLean

Tuesday I had my third lesson I didn't want any more as I've been striking the ball so well and hitting it long and straight (a Miracle) so I jumped in and Alistair @ The forest wanted me to get my right elbow closer to my body and more shaft lean to promote an even better strike and to remove the little CAST I have at the bottom ! 

check out my youtube video with the #TableDrill to promote that movement it does work, hard to start with  

That table drill has to be the worst thing I've ever seen!

Looked like you shanked as a result of not allowing the club to release correctly through the impact area.

Ditch that drill mate.

TBF I didn't shank one, I can't see it lasting to be honest in my list of drills to follow !!  But if it removes the last of my very little amount of CAST I'll be happy 

I'm sure I saw one fly off to the right.

Anyways, still a crap drill.

Gotta be better anti cast drills out there.

Good luck with improving.

TBF I've binned it, I just feel I over lean into it which I don't want (my swing already feels like my cricket posture