I've been putting rubbish since my return to golf !

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I've been putting rubbish since my return to golf !

I've said it a lot my golf swing and stance replicate my cricket stance and movements, hard to remove them totally after 25 years + playing and practicing.

So I've throw in a random stance and push the hands forward by the end I was rolling it nice and it felt smooth ish, then you look at the video (which doesn't lie) the toe is horridly up and with an already toe'd in putter hard to keep it on TRACK !

what tips have you found successful ? putting mirror is good but not the best.

Putting video

I'm hoping when the greens improve my putting might improve also then again I'm moving clubs April 1st so its like starting again  

Your putting was always going to suffer if you're working on your swing.

Can't say I'm a fan of the open stance Russ, it must make your shoulders out of alignment with your knees. You also appear to have a slightly out to in swing path causing you to cut across the ball. You can see in the video that the alignment line on the ball is scrambled when the ball is rolling,

I must agree with SLW on this Russ. I tried an open stance when I was struggling with the putter some years back, it was not consistent enough. If you stand parallel, with your eyes over the ball, the sole of the putter should be level.  If the toe of the putter is high the small amount of loft will still tend to pull the ball left - which in the main is where your balls went. Perhaps try pushing the ball, from a slower takeaway and roll the ball toward the hole more. Just my 4p 

Cheers all some good tips, I agree the open stance isn't going to work the pro's don't use it so time to bin it and consistent pop from the Cameron !    Bloody great game will we ever stop learning or tinkering !! 

I'm currently trialing choking down and stabbing at the thing. Much better....so far.

I'll try anything that gets it in the dam hole   stricker heel up last weekend #BetterButNotGreat