Michelle Wie Putting stance

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Michelle Wie Putting stance

I am currently watching the Women's Open and have had a look at Michelle Wie's putting stance.


I'm sure I have seen a similar position in the Kama Sutra but it escapes me for the moment. I can see the logic of the almost horizontal spine angle but the bent arms look really clumsy.


On the other hand her eyes are over the ball  . . . . and it makes a good 'money shot' from behind 

Most of us couldn't straighten up again after adopting this stance!

Makes me straighten up when she adopts that stance....

perhaps you like this one Matto http://www.hdwallpaper4all.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Michelle-Wie-10.jpg      

.......... Gonna print that and laminate it.....

Easy wipe, hey....

Exactly... I might even cut a hole where the banana is....

Could be a tad large for you...Shame it wasn't asparagus...

.....and here's me thinking this was serious, thought provoking thread.  Should have known better.  

Can't you see the pictures Ken....

Only printed it in A5 Mac, so its not to scale.....

I'm more go a leg man and she has nice pins all the way up to her bum

@ Matto...Funny.. She is sex on legs. I would love 35 seconds with here.......and that includes putting the kettle on.

As long as that eh?

I do exaggerate...

I think you're all getting a WIE bit off subject. Although I wouldn't mind ringing Michelle's bells myself.

Michelle Wie on me!

Much better than Granny's golden showers hey CS!


Taking the piss now....


Thrush can be a nasty little condition.....

I'm guessing/hoping there's no ladies on this board!  

There are and you started it Doc. 

I'm sayin' nuttin'  


Oh God!!!

Hee hee, I'm here 

@Minxy, A Golferette I guess!  

No, just an old biddy that can take a joke!  

I often putt with my 7 year olds putter adopting a similar stance and it does wield remarkably good results, as stated above getting back up is a bit of an issue. Also there doesn't seem to be a clamber to get pictures of it spreqad across the forum borads!!! Not sure why

Cos you ain't got an arse like a sugar puff... Minxy I hope your coming to the CF bash...

Wish I was Mac1 but got my grandaughter singing and dancing at the Mayflower in Southampton so I can't miss that. If CF just checks with my diary FIRST next year I will be there for certain as it sounds like the usual carnage will ensue! 

What a let down.....Never heard of video...