My golf swing

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My golf swing

Nick it is soooo dark and really difficult to see. Maybe my monitor though. Mozzy

No - it is really dark. I need to find a bay with a shelf behind it so I don't get so much sky in the shot.

fair enough Nick. Have you a cheap tripod you could use with the compact. If the next bay is empty you could easily stick it there and fill you front on. I personally find better results in the garden using an air ball; you can then set the camera up perfectly. Just a thought.

It was just a spur of the moment thing with my phone. A camera would be better.

you straighten up  at the top of your backswing, this causes your shoulder turn to get very flat at the top of your swing. I'm suprised you can even get back down to the ball i would imagine your contact is very inconsistent.

It is indeed!

You may be lifting up because of mobility issues, but you dont look to be struggling in your turn, It is more likely your a little under the plane on the way back and this causes you to lift up. Try getting a bit more up in your swing so a bit steeper on the way back and concentrate on staying bent over at the waist, this may mean swinging a little shorter.

Thanks Uncle. Probably back at the range tomorrow, so will try that.

It may be tough at first, beacuse you have been lifting up to get back to the ball you will have been making a correction with your arms on the downswing. You may start hitting it fat at first but if you concentrate on keeping your posture it should improve your consitancy of strike

A couple more.   Seven iron (I think I hooked it a bit): Driver (straight) :      

Nick. I'm no expert as you will already know I suspect. Watching you on the YT vids both woodie and iron you seem to be sticking that ar5e well out,  and stretching your hands very far out in front; this leads to quite a jerk as you hit the ball and attempt to follow though.

Thanks Mozzy, I think you're probably right. My opponent in my last match mentioned that I was stretching too far to reach the ball (after he had beaten me!)

@Nick Cook, /members/images/104307/Gallery/Nick_Cook.jpg You're not going to maintain that forward lean on the back swing, you'll probably fall over. So straighten up a bit at address. I like your forward tilt in P2&3, it looks much better too. Try to adopt a much steeper shaft position on the way back and the path on the way down should improve.

Thanks Doctor, will try that next time I'm on the range.

You seem to hit it with your right is that correct?

Hmmm...sorry, I don't understand the question. I hit what with my right what?

golfstore24couk wrote (see)

You seem to hit it with your right is that correct?

is that correct?