New grip more fingers and need to turn more #ZeppWorks

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New grip more fingers and need to turn more #ZeppWorks

Hi all I'll bore you with another video only 5 mins long, I had my first official lesson with Alistair Davies MPGA at the forest of arden my home course. 

Things he has me working on GRIP more in the fingers my lesson video is up and he does a close up so I can go back to it to make sure it RIGHT ! 

And the turn I watched all the pga guys and there right shoulder is if no the back is facing the target and they hold the pose. So I'm trying to get the same flex in my swing / body not easy at nearing 43. 

Check out the video, OH the ZEPP swing analyzer is working my tempo is solid and backswing it getting longer (it got short and quick for a while) 

Range action 

Alistair is worth a visit if your in need of a lesson some great info and easy to follow !