Nicholls St. drops women's golf

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Nicholls St. drops women's golf

 The women's golf team at Nicholls State will disband after this season, one of at least two Division I college teams in Louisiana that will disappear as a result of the state's budget cuts affecting public universities.
Nicholls State spokeswoman Renee Piper confirmed on Thursday that members of the women's golf team had been told they would not have scholarships, or a team to play for, if they return to the university's Thibodaux campus to continue their education next fall.

Only two days earlier, Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond announced it was suspending its 10-player men's tennis squad.

There are seven members of the women's golf team at Nicholls, thought two are seniors, and Piper stressed that the university was trying to help the other five players transfer.

"I wouldn't want the impression to be that we're putting them out on the curb," Piper said. "We're working with the women's golf team to find a place for them to play."