Pitching practice @ The forest of Arden (2 Nov 2015)

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Pitching practice @ The forest of Arden (2 Nov 2015)

Been practicing again best help 

early on it got better believe me 


Thursday 5th is the next game can't wait  

Well I learn't something.......he's another one who never repairs his divots on the range (a range at a club he is not yet a member..or so the text appears to say). All he has to do is get the seed/sand mix from the box.....

Be fair. .... I don't put the divots back on the chipping area until I've finished a set of 15..... Maybe he doesn't either

Cheers for the help - tips accepted    As for divots I always replace them but not after every shot on a range as Ian said !  I'll gets my tips from youtube then ! no wonder the forums lacking any posts or replies with replies from you Old Tom   

SO utter fail on the chipping side, on course totally rubbish with plenty of fats and slaps  not the best a solid 90 not bad lol where is the solid 4/5 handicapper from 20 years ago ?  my posture is poor need to get my head up I'd guess less hands for sure 

To me , your stance is too closed to target, and you seem to take it away on the inside a little too much on the backswing.  But hey what do i know ! I've never got down any where near 5!

yes looking at my game vid yesterday, I'd agree I'm closed off the club does come inside I've always drawn the ball big  my posture is poor suppose I've got the winter to video and video myself till it looks right 

I like to use a putting type action for chipping. I find I get a much better and constant strike that way.

I've tried everything even reverse grip in a previous life !  I swopped out my ORKA 56 for my old ping tour 58d sand iron large sole plenty of bounce today that worked a little better than the bladed 56  suppose its working on confidence and play till its right !