Simple tips major success - Alignment

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Simple tips major success - Alignment

Listening and finally learning - hacked about wondering why I hit it right then left even when I was off 4 I used my JEDI skills to hit fairways 

Until I watched Alistair Davies youtube golf instruction, OK he's the master teaching pro at the club (Forest of Arden) £50 a lesson so him putting up his instructional videos is a major help for me starting again. 

So the simple setup (its not new) pick a mark divot, leave 3-5" in front and align using that mark I've found I'm so far off line when I don't use that method and I don't fully commit which I'm doing with that SIMPLE TIP !! 


latest video on the range - using a ball and tee peg to align myself

Champions tour 2023  

I don't understand? I watched the video....I still don't get the point. Someone explain please. I need simple ABC

What's with the 'peculiar' move at 37 seconds?

Very old advice I agree just never used it !

ABC using a mark divot leaf to align yourself / clubhead so simple but effective

Sp9 didn't warm up shoulders stiff from 26 yrs bowling a cricket ball

It took me a few minutes to finally get this. Now I understand. it was how you wrote it that threw me of it's intention.  You wrote 'pick a mark divot, leave 3-5 inches in front and align using that mark'. I was thrashing around inside my head trying to understand what a 'mark divot' was. I thought move on and see what he means by 'leave 3-5 inches in front'. Couldn't put it together at all. I watched the video and thought is that ball in front of the ball he is hitting the 'leave 3-5 inches in front'??? NOW I get it. You mean pick a mark (any mark), leaf or divot about 3-5 inches in front of your ball and line using that selected item.  It's amazing how the odd comma can change completely what something means. I honestly didn't get it to now. 

and spelling