Flame Wars...

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Flame Wars...

Spent the last couple of hours reading some old explosive threads....This certainly was one of the best forums out there....

very quiet these days. doesn

very quiet these days. doesn't help that the software is awful.

Nothing new there PaddyK

Nothing new there PaddyK

,,,and you have to sign in

,,,and you have to sign in again every visit! aaaaargh

There were

Some great threads on here.  Some were fun, some were excellent banter and some got a bit silly, but it was well moderated and was allowed to run till it got too strong.  You look at some of the old contributors and wonder where they've gone.  It would be great to have them back.

Golf Monthly mainly.... lots

Golf Monthly mainly.... lots on there....

Including me

I stil miss this forum though

Oh yes....

Oh yes....

Once upon a time

Thought I'd pop in and see if there were any old faces in here. 

Still in touch with Mac and Ian but I hope everyone else is still enjoying their golf as much as I am.

Sad to see the site so derelict but all good things come to an end. 



Hi Al

I can just get back to playing golf again.  Was Captain at my club last year and actually played less golf.  I've got a lesson planned for tomorrow but I think  the snow up here will put paid to that.  You don't get this interesting weather in Oz.