Hello from Scotland

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Hello from Scotland

Hi all. Just took up this game about 6 ago and loving it! Any tips would be greatly reforged and I'm afraid that I will probably be asking all sorts of daft questions!

Hi Popeye

Welcome to the forum.  It's a bit quiet at the moment I'm afraid.  Whereabouts in Scotland are you?

Hi Robster. I'm in East

Hi Robster. I'm in East Lothian which is near Edinburgh, I'm about A 10 minn drive from Muirfield and Gullane so plenty of choice when it comes to decent courses to play!

I'm in Glasgow

And the same, lots of courses near to me.  I play at The East Renfrewshire Golf Club

Well anytime that you are

Well anytime that you are over on this side and fancy a game then just give me a shout!