Hello from Wisconsin!

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Hello from Wisconsin!

Good day, everyone!

I have created a website for golfers of all stripes- beginners, low and mid cappers- even youth.  It’s new but getting good responses, so I figured I would share it here.

GolferGurus.com was founded by a family obsessed with golf.  Living in beautiful Wisconsin, we are within 30 minutes of 8 golf courses, including several five-star fairways. Being surrounded by a large and supportive golfing community, we realized people could benefit from our obsession with the world’s greatest sport.

We will blog authentic and completely independent posts about golf gear, tips for beginners, and more. As examples, the latest blog posts include: perfecting the chip shot, fixing a hook in golf, top rated golfing gloves, and how to use GPS to take strokes off your game.

Let me know what you think- I would love to hear feedback or ideas for more blog posts!

Stay awesome- Laura