Me again!

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Me again!

Hi all,

I used to be a regular contributor on here some years ago and thought I'd get back in touch.

I had all but stopped playing until spring of last year when a mate said we should join a club and start playing every week. So we did!

We joined East Berkshire in Crowthorne last June and have been playing there regularly ever since.

I put in three crap cards for my initial handicap and got given 35. Playing nearly every week has helped, and I'm now down to 20. I had a lesson last night and the pro said I should be able to get even lower. So, more practise and playing and I hope that will be the case.

See you later!





Hi Nick...sadly this place

Hi Nick...sadly this place was aloowed to wither and most have gone elsewhere.  Plenty of spam on here and only the odd genuine post.  Hopefully it will recover..

Welcome back Nick. I remember

Welcome back Nick. I remember you being a regular poster back in the day. I ve only just looked again at the site. I still think that the ( old ) forum was the best of the bunch...