2012 New Level With The Launch Of New R11S Driver

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2012 New Level With The Launch Of New R11S Driver

With the new year’s coming, The one of the biggest golf company, Taylormade launched the new r11s driver which have taken adjustability to a new level to update sole plate for even more game improvement. The sole of the TaylorMade R11S Driver is designed for better surface transfers because TMAG says that on the downswing air flow travels from the heel to toe. Making these area more aerodynamic will improve speed. The transition from face to crown has also been tweeked for better flow.

The new R11S Driver is bigger, faster, more tunable and longer than the original R11 driver. A 460cc matte-white finish head is powered by a new 5-sided ASP plate, new 1.5º FCT sleeve and movable weights. With 3D Tuning, you can independently tune loft, face angle and flight path your swing.

R11S Driver has two weight ports—one in the heel and one in the toe—which can hold the one- and the 10-gram weights that come with the driver. Positioning the 10-gram weight in the heel encourages a draw while screwing it into the toe should help you hit a fade.There are 80 different ways you can set up the R11S, and according to TaylorMade, the club offers 140 yards of left-and-right adjustability.

As all knows, Taylormade’s former R11 line driver, irons, faiway woods, their high frequency appear at PGA TOUR , I believe you won’t feel strange on them. Not just among Taylormade but also at the golf market we can say the R11 was the most successful launch in the modern golf era. Now the new comer, Taylormade R11S Driver and fairway metals are even the updated version from its predecessor, which from all the tour success. Know more Taylormade new products are available at best golf clubs, such as Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge, TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Driver and so on.