Anyone watch Alex Reid - Tom Watson

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Anyone watch Alex Reid - Tom Watson
Cracking scrap Reids earned alot of respect tonight, his chin is tough as nails, his condition needs work but a rematch needs to be booked

Barry, see above....or whoring...

I wondered what you was on about until I saw your post in the 19th hole, you watch alot of MMA Mac?

Oh hell aye,Love the boxing and all MMA, my youngest has been in an MMA gym for around 4 months now and loves it.They practice  Luta Livre, he had his first fight last Sunday, he did very well against a lad who has been at it for two years, but gassed himself out going for two choke holds and was submitted...

i love boxing and mma

my cousin fights out of caged steel in the sheffield area, he is only 17 but loves it, hes like 4-3 at the moment
also enters alot of grappling comps

i was impressed by joe murray last night on sky, didnt see john murrays fight

great fight, reid has got a lot of peoples respect inside the ring now, took a hell of a beating in the final two rounds but kept going like a true mma fighter

Hope you all watched the UFC at the weekend, poor Brock getting his arse kicked and losing the HW belt.....

i was impressed with Valesque i think he will have a much harder test if he has to fight Carwin though

Cain will kick his head in...After he does in Dos Santos...I think they finally have a champion that will stay for some time..

i still say carwin, dos santos should be an easy test, carwins big but has some stand up skills, should be a cracker to watch

I can't wait for Carwin and Bid Country Nelson, big up for the fat fookers out there, boy can chubs bang....

Realistically Carwin will KO dos santos this weekend and get himself another tilt at the title - then who do we see winning the title between Carwin & Velasquez. I think Brock will be the same as Lesnar and never come back the same if ever at all.

Wow Craig you have been busy....I hope Brock comes back and does the business, I do like him...

Lol was on way back from work so im allowed You not think everyone likes him from the push he has recieved and previous media exposure.

I cannot stand Brock......was brilliant when he got smashed to pieces.

Behave Poz, I hated anything to do with the WWW or whatever it's called, but as a MMA fighter he was / is pretty decent.Just a shame he has this strange illness...

I just don't like the way he fights, he just smothers the opponent, due to his size and that's it.He was lucky to get the Valasquez fight as Shane Carwin was close to beating him.just my opinion!I prefer the strikers and ji-jitsu dudes, but wrestling bores me .......but that is why its a good sport, loads for everyone!

The scariest of the lot has to be John "Bones" Jones.......What a guy...