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Aussie Open

Well the hopes of British tennis once again rest on the shoulders of Andy Murray. Started the tournament with 6, ended day 1 with only one left and not a single set to their names (10-0 in fact).

Murray didn't exactly get of to a flyer either, but at least he's through and I hope he does well. I know he gets a lot of flack for his personality, but he's a determined young sportsman who wants to win and the fact that he's not the most charismatic is no reason not to support him.

Have a feeling if he doesn't do it this year then he never will, but hard courts are his preferred surface and he did just win in brisbane, so you never know...

Could be an interesting Aus Open which, until recently, often coughed up a surprise winner, mainly due to the timing. The top players have dominated the last few years but I have a feeling we might be due another surprise winner. I'm not sure the big four are all in top condition, all have had recent injury issues, and the likes of Ferrer and Tsonga seem to be on it right now. I also fancy Dimitrov to go deep. Tomic, Raonic and Isner are all potential QFs. Tsonga my tip. Women? Clijsters if fit. If not, and I don't think she is, then Kvitova or maybe even Wozniacki. Kanepi as a outside bet. I'd be delighted if Murray and Clijsters were to win.

I'd dispute the assertion that Murray has no personality. It's not a jolly one, he is dour and moody and his body language is a joy to behold. But it is a personality, and he does speak his mind in interviews. By "no personality" i always think of bland, pleaant automatons - plenty of those in sport.

Currently watching my bet against Hewitt slowly come my way.

Hit reply to basically say what Stumps has already said. Watch his appearance on Sky1's A League of Their Own and I think you'll soon change your opinion of him.

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Currently watching my bet against Hewitt slowly come my way.

And go away again 

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Hit reply to basically say what Stumps has already said. Watch his appearance on Sky1's A League of Their Own and I think you'll soon change your opinion of him.

I like Murray, as I say I think he's a great athlete that shows his emotions on the court and that isn't a bad thing. From all reports a lot of people who have spent one-on-one time with him say he is a good laugh and a nice guy, just he is often pilloried in the media for being dour and sullen. James Cordon said he was the best guy when filming some Sports Relief thing a few years ago. I'd back up the shout for Tsonga as he is no stranger to going far in the slams and put on a great showing in the season finale at the O2 last year.

Tsonga would have to get past Murray in the QF to progress and I can't see him doing that, due to Murray's record at this competition and 5-1 head to head advantage. On his side, can't see past a Murray v Djokovic semi, with Djokovic winning in four sets. Reckon likes of Tomic and Raonic could do well but not to the extent of the last eight. Dolgopolov could do better and looks like he could play Tomic in R3.  Nadal has a pretty straightforward route to semis and would expect to see him there, leaving Fed from the big four who could only really be troubled by Del Potro, so I'll go out on a limb and say Fed will go out in the quarters to the Argentinian!

Yes, I should have analysed the draw first! Top quarter should be Djokovic v Ferrer but Tipsarevic may sneak in there. Then who knows?! I'd also like to see Djokovic v Raonic in the previous round. Second quarter should be Murray v Tsonga. If so, it may be 5-1 but remember where the 1 was? Third should be Federer v Fish, neither of whom may be in perfect condition. Dolgopolov, Tomic and Del Potro the likely interlopers. I like Del Potro but he's really not done it since his injury. Nadal's quarter is fairly straightforward for Rafa to reach the QF although Isner a tricky one. Other side could be anyone from Berdych, Wawrinka, Dimitrov, Baghdatis & Almagro! The winner will be the fittest. Tsonga 

Indeed, agree with most but can't see a Tsonga win. And DP did lose a set yesterday to lowly opposition (as did Murray but Harrison looks a better prospect). Only upset I see from above is Fish, see Dolgopolov sneaking in if possible over Fish?

Fish out, Almagro does Dimitrov 6-0 in 5th, Isner beats Nalbandian 10-8 in 5th, Dolgopolov wins 8-6 in 5th, Wawrinka wins in 4 v Baghdatis. Going to be a few tired people out there. Oh, and Federer gets a WO.

What an idiot!

Solid enough victory for Murray today. No major mistakes anyway and instills a bit more confidence after losing his first set of the tournament to Harrison. One thing I always think has held Murray back is that he does not put opponents away in the same manner as the top 3. Nadal and Federer especially will win a rally in 4 shots whereas Murray is often grinding them down as he doesn't have the big forehand or backhand. Have to say Djokovic is playing well yet again, though will wait and see what happens against some stiffer opposition.