Carlos Tevez

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Carlos Tevez

Just wanted to get the views of City and non-city fans on whether they think Carlos Tevez should be given another chance by Roberto Mancini. Personally I think his actions have been a bit of a joke when you consider how fortunate he is but then again he is a world class striker and, at his best, could probably still do a job for city.

In an ideal world he ought to be sacked, fined, sued for breach of contract, and not touched by another club. The last part is the wealk link in that chain - because he is good, someone will come in for him, even though he has a proven track record of wanting out. Given that he will always be saleable, buying him is not that big a risk.

If he wasnt as good as he is I cant help feeling he'd have been treated much differently. With the ridiculous number of strikers City have at their disposal anyway would it be any great loss?

City have stood strong throughout this.  Tevez has now apologised so for me he should be given a chance.  He could make the difference in the league.  No matter what you think of him he is a quality player who will score goals and put 100% in on the pitch.

I've been bored of hearing about him over the last 3 months to be honest, so in that respect I'm glad to see him back but when you think back to take 3 months unauthorised absence from a top premier league club on that wage you have to admit he has been out of order, regardless of how good he is.

I don't think they have been paying him. His fines amount to a huge sum of money