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Champions League thread

Well despite my team being all but out the competition to a far superior Juventus side, it certainly is going to be an exciting couple of months in the final rounds of the Champions League this year.

Man U v Real should hopefully be a cracker tonight and have really enjoyed watching the German team this year, so interested to see how Dortmund get on. I have a feeling at least one of the German sides will be in the final.

Barcelona are finished in my view as everyone knows the best way to give yourself a chance of victory against them, which Real have made all to clear the past few weeks. I'm even getting bored watching them now, which I didn't think I ever would.

Anybody got a flutter on the games coming up or the overall winner?


Ol` BaconFace showed what a slapped arse he really is by spitting his dummy out when refusing to attend the post match interview last night.....Class

Switched off before the end of the first half. I didn't see anything better than the dross I watch at The Moss on a Saturday afternoon. And what the hell was Rooney doing on the bench? Laugh? Well I did later on when I saw the result and that managers reaction to it all.  

I thought it was quite an entertaining game, though the sending off did spoil it. The 2 teams pretty much nullified one another in the first half and the pitch looked so small as nobody seemed to have any space at all. Once Man U scored the game opened up and I felt Real were in the ascendancy. The decision effectively ended what could have been an enthralling end as Real managed to get 2 quick goals against the 10 men and then saw out time knowing that they would have to concede twice from there to go out. Do think Fergie spat the dummy a bit as I'm sure you wouldn't have to look too far back to find a dodgy decision that was given for United at OT. For what it's worth I don't think it was a sending off along with most other pundits, apart from Keane who seems to have a major disdain for his old team!

Manure fans have been conspicuous by their absence on here, haven`t they?